Like Some Fucking Insect to Something Sweet and Nasty

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Dec 182011

I wanna toss some stuff out there before Un-Go wraps up next week. Just to see if any of my crazy conspiracy theories pan out in the least.

The whole supernatural element of the series seems to throw some peeps off. At first glance, Inga’s Ghost Rider act feels kinda forced– as if they needed a truth-telling gimmick to push the plot along at certain crucial moments. And that may be one reason why he/she’s around. But I’m thinking there’s a more crucial angle playing out.

I’m making the assumption that these supernatural entities like Inga and Bettenou haven’t been around much before the preceding conflict in Japan. It’s a bit of a logical leap, since all we’ve been presented with is the post-war scenario and brief glimpses of wartime Japan, so this little theory could be total BS. But if we assume that these beings are a “new” phenomenon, I think they were “awakened” by the conflict.

One of the prevalent theories running around in speculative circles is that supernatural beings, UFOs, and shit like that are being drawn to Earth due to escalating world conflict. These inhuman forces see that we’re verging on blowing each other up and are here to intervene in some way. Maybe they wanna help. Maybe they wanna sow further discord. Maybe they’re here to “harvest” the carnage in some way. Maybe they’re here to observe and judge. It could be different for each being.

Un-Go might be playing off of this concept. The world’s going to shit and various forces beyond our comprehension are flocking to Japan because it’s the current focal point of this collapse.

Or these beings could very well be a “known” part of the series’ world. The general populace is likely in the dark about the existence of such beings, but all of the central characters in the series are “in the know.” It’s all secret society stuff– governments and other agencies utilizing the supernatural to their own ends while withholding the existence of such things from the average dude. It’s like governments taking crashed UFOs and back engineering the technology, only to present it to the public 30 years later as something that was recently created, except in Un-Go’s case it’s these seemingly spiritual beings with strange powers making “pacts” with certain people in exchange for some esoteric payment. These beings are used and then “rational” explanations and scenarios are created for the public’s consumption so that they never learn of the truth.

Or, since this series isn’t called “Occult Academy,” I could be totally wrong. Occult Academy was the only series where my crazy conspiracy theories turned out to be 100% true.