Mar 272012

Daily Lives of High School Boys is the ultimate horror anime. That ending freaked me out bigtime.

Every now and then I have dreams where I’m stuck back in high school. Like, I’m still an adult, but I have to return to high school to do one of those vague dreamworld tasks that don’t even make sense within the context of the dream. But no one realizes I’m an adult. I’m fully aware that I shouldn’t be there, but no one else does. I’m sure it’s some deep-rooted subconscious thing like some long-held regret or anxiety over feeling immature or left behind or some shit.

Really. Nothing’s more frightening to me than having to relive high school. Not because those years in and of themselves were terrible, but for the notion that high school is like some sort of purgatory. You feel like you’re an adult, since you’re dealing with that puberty shit and you’ve “experienced” everything and “know” everything, but you’re still legally and socially a child. And thankfully it’s just a form of Purgatory, since you eventually break free from it and gain that “adulthood” you so long for.

And that’s why the ending to Daily Lives of High School Boys is so fucking frightening. The second half of the episode plays through everyone’s graduation. All of the characters are going their separate ways. Relationships play out to their natural conclusions. Everyone’s growing up.

And then it was all just a dream. It isn’t just that “normal” guy waking up from his fantasy confession. If the series ended right there, yeah, it’d just be one last gag. But things don’t stop there. Everything loops right back around to the first scene from the first episode, where everyone’s running to school, and that scene ends with a proclamation about how his adventures with his buddies still continue.

Horrifying. Sheer terror. These guys are forever stuck being high school students. They’re forced to live in perpetual adolescence– dancing about in hellish youth for our amusement.

The existence of a slice of life character is the ultimate punishment. I’m sure I’m doomed to be reincarnated as one for my sins.

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