Apr 092012

My first blog post was me getting excited about the original flash animated Nyarlko-san series. I was all “OMG this is gonna be all awesome and shit” and then it turned out to be kinda mediocre. It had some good gags and everything, but it wasn’t anything special.

So I still didn’t have my dream anime about Elder Gods parading around as little school girls, and to make matters worse that flash anime tossed out all sorts of neat-sounding tidbits about the actual story that got me even more interested in it. So I must have done something right in this lifetime, since someone decided to go ahead and make a “proper” anime out of this thing.

And. Well. Yeah. I wanna sue these guys for taking my life and turning it into an anime without my permission.

Metaphorically speaking, of course. I never hung out with Nyarlathotep in girl form while in high school. Some of the girls I knew may have been kinda like Yog-Sothoth or Hastur, but never The Crawling Chaos itself. But I wrote weird shit that my high school self would consider on par with that King in Yellow shit and I had delusions of being the target of otherworldly forces out to nab me and whisk me away to some distant world because I was that improbable Main Character.

Which is to say the main dude’s plight in this series is pretty much my ideal wish-fulfillment scenario from high school. It has the “magical girlfriend” shit, but she’s some evil alien deity. Even in my less cynical youth I’d have found that far more appealing that, say, Belldandy or any of the Tenchi girls. And the main dude isn’t a wet blanket blank slate type. He has spunk, even if it takes the form of outright violence-by-fork. He’s still that anime lead prototype dude, but he’s one that I would have gravitated towards far more easily back in the day when I was craving this sort of “put myself into the story” scenario.

So Nyarlko’s appealing to me on that level. It’s basically the Tenchi Muyo I wish I had back in 1995. It appeals to the dorky dateless  loser and the dorky table top RPGer

Yeah, they’re the same thing. Various Masks of the Elder God that is Nerdathutep.

And go read up on my old Nyarlko posts. Everything I said there pretty much applies here. It’s a lot of the same gags. The only real difference is that they’ve been given some semblance of context. That’s a difference maker for some people, so maybe peeps’ll like this series more than the flash version.

Also: I loved how Nyarlko’s otaku rant basically stated that The Stars are Right because all of the Cthulhu Mythos is made up of otaku who are only on Earth for the anime and shit. That revelation made me lose 1d10 SAN.

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