Apr 272012

You’ve been here before. Even if you believe this to be your first time at this blog, you’re only forgetting your prior experiences. Maybe you visited this site in the distant future, and when you were reincarnated your soul traveled back in time. Maybe your dreamself splits off during the night and happened across this place while surfing the net for Heroman doujin. Whatever the reason, you have been drawn back to Mecha Guignol in its moment of gladiatorial glory.

You’re gonna vote for Mecha Guignol in this tournament. It’s your destiny and stuff. But just to give you the illusion of free will, here’s some evidence to dupe you into believing you voted by your own volition.

  • We talk about anime other peeps ignore. Who else is awesome enough to blog about Space Adventure Cobra, Azazel-san, or Punk Cat?
  • We talk about Japanese board games and card games that have been translated into English. Tanto Cuore and Shadow Hunters and Magical Athlete and other stuff, with more to come as we waste our money on new games.
  • We have a badass Top 50 List that includes mainstream awesomeness and obscure curiosities that’ll turn on your inner hiptaku.
  • We’re not afraid to do things like compare the ending of Madoka to Steven Seagal movies, insinuate that moeblobs are the anime equivalent of Rob Liefeld comic book art from the 90s, or proclaim Milky Holmes to be fucking brilliant.
  • We have cool stories to tell, like this one about watching hentai with someone a friend of mine was trying to hook me up with.
  • We hate My Little Pony. We love My Little Pony.
  • We love old school OVAs. We really love old school OVAs.
  • We solved the evolutionary development of the animeverse and determined the highest form of life therein.

There’s some stuff for you to grok. Or you could totally ignore these picks and form your own reality by wandering through the site and read shit of your own choosing. Take my custom-made delusion or create your own. It’s all good.

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