May 232012

Here’s a bit of a secret shame, I stopped watching Samurai Flamenco right after episode 19. Not because it was bad or anything, but because 19 was just a plain and simple “perfect ending” anyway, so I simply lost the desire to finish up the actual series. Welp, I’ve just finally caught up on those last episodes.

After such a long time not watching Samumenco, it was nice to revisit this universe. Naturally, the final arc brings with it a new kind of superheroics. Where the series started as essentially, Kickass: the Anime, then went full on Tokusatsu Love Letter, which culminated in the Ultraman-ish episode 19. At that point, I figured it might go the way of the Tokusatsu Post-Series Movie-verse style and well… I was RIGHT.

The final arc, ranging from eps 20 to 22, fills us in on Goto’s true story and brings us a new villain in the form of Sawada Haiji, the Joker to Samumenco’s Batman. Hell, Sawada Haiji’s master plan is pretty much a variation of the Killing Joke, where the Joker tormented Commissioner Gordon in an attempt to drive Gordon insane.

But there was something “off” about this final arc. Like there’s some sort of disconnect from the “actual series”. Putting aside the fact that Samumenco never actually transforms into Samumenco at all in these final eps, unlike the previous eps where the status quo was constantly shaken, by the end of the final arc, we’re pretty much retaining the status quo left from episode 19.

In retrospect, be it intentional or not, the final arc has a feel that’s quite similar to an in-continuity post-series Tokusatsu flick. Tokusatsu tends to do movies after each of its series, and in the old days, these movies tend to be set outside of the regular continuity. But in recent times, they’ve been doing in-continuity stuff, but the things that happen in said movies, eventhough they involve fighting and defeating some new evil, tend to retain the status quo. Characters are not particularly altered so that should there be a sequel movie, said characters can simply be re-used.

Am I reaching? Perhaps. But seriously, the last 3 episodes of Samumenco can pretty much be taken as an OVA or post-series movie. If a second season were to ever happen, they could easily just ignore the revelation of Goto’s situation. Hell, if they don’t do a several years timeskip, even Sawada Haiji can be outright ignored.

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