Jun 102012

I’m writing this here ’cause technically, this is anime. In that anime is animation aaaaaand that a big chunk of the production staff for this movie are Japanese anyway. But really, this isn’t anime, I just wanna continue to corrupt Mecha Guignol. If I put in a tokusatsu article here, it means I’m being off topic. But if I go so far as to put a Superman movie review here, you can’t say nuthin’ about it.

Anyway, the short of it is that it’s a pretty decent movie, so you might as well at least rent it (although since you guys are all just THIEVES who PIRATE unofficial subtitled shows anyway, you’ll probably just STEAL this movie).

For those of youse who don’t know, Superman vs the Elite is your typical “Anti ’90s Anti-Heroes” movie. It has all the clichés you’d expect from this genre. Which is understandable, since the comic this was based on was released in 2001.

Art-wise, it’s a weird mix of DC Animated, modern Young Justice style and just crappy yet charming mid-90s low-budget animation. I like it but I kinda also just ignore it. The only times the art has a sense of cool are the parts where Supes cuts loose here and there.

Story and dialogue-wise, the story’s a cliché for the most part, but it actually manages to paint the Elite in fairly reasonable light. The big difference between the Elite and Magog from Kingdom Come (another Anti-Anti-Heroes comic) is that the Elite get their showdown with Supes at the end. Otherwise, it’s the exact same thing where the anti-heroes are loved by the public and for no particular reason, suddenly want to have a showdown with Supes.

The dialogue’s dreadful by the way, but it’s so camp in its attempt to be rude (‘eck, I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets redubbed for the English (the British) market) that it ends up being, well, camp.

What makes this flick work is how Supes was portrayed at the end. We all expect Supes to just overpower the Elite at the end, but he doesn’t. He’s obviously become super overpowered compare to how he usually does things, but in the end, he takes each member of the Elite out in quick and effective fashion.

Why this works is that Supes wasn’t acting like a psychopath, but a sociopath. He wasn’t trying so much to show what happens when you start letting might make right or how violence and killing was wrong. What made the scene work was Superman was showing the public what would happen if Superman (that’s him) were to cross that line. He wasn’t scaring the Elite or the regular Joe Public with the idea of superheroes crossing the line, he was scaring them with the idea of HIM specifically turning bad. He was reminding everyone that he was the goddamn Superman, and that you don’t want HIM being evil. Batman can kill the Joker and become the Dark Knight and be chased down by the cops, but he’s not the goddamn Superman. Batman’s like a Schmidt Small Frame .22 LR Pistol while Supes is a nuke. It’s fine if the former were to be used willy nilly, but the latter is actually dangerous to humanity as a whole.

So basically, Supes wins the day by doing what Luthor does at least once a series/reboot. Which is to ruin Superman’s reputation as a benign benefactor of man.

Oh, spoilers, this entire review has spoilers.

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