Jul 012012

Yeah man, these future people from Humanity Has Declined deserve all of the “decline” they’re getting if they can’t see the snack-sized food source right before their eyes:

Fairy Elf Things.

Seriously, if humanity is in such dire straights, why haven’t they resorted to eating these fairies? Why are they choosing to co-exist with a seemingly plentiful species experiencing a population boom when said species could be used as much-needed food supply? Is it because they demonstrate sentient, independent thought? This isn’t Star Trek, where we have the Prime Directive keeping us from snacking on Tribbles. This is a pastel post-apoc scenario where people can’t even handle simple things like slaughtering chickens and hunting in the woods. Just because that sack of meat sitting on your desk can smile and talk to you in a child-like voice doesn’t mean you shouldn’t skewer it on a pole and roast it in your oven.

The only reason why I can accept these fairies not becoming food is if their sugar levels are highly toxic. These things seem to subsist on a sugar-only diet, so maybe their sugar content is so high that one bite makes you die of a diabetic coma or something. If that isn’t the case, then get to it and eat those elven bastards!

But yeah, this was interesting. Kinda. I loved the surreal moments. Headless chickens running around with a name brand seared into their thighs. Fairies talking about extinction like it’s the hot new fad. Robo-bread committing suicide by ripping its head in twain (Really, that was fucking beautiful.). If this anime was all about these moments, it might be up there with Popee as far as absurdist humor goes.

Then we get to the more serious bits. They didn’t dwell on the “oh woe is us, humanity is doomed” stuff, but it didn’t execute those scenes very well. Maybe if they gave us a hint as to why humanity was in this situation it might have worked better. Or maybe if the world didn’t seem so pastoral and quaint, and if we felt the impending doom a little more, then the end times angst might be more believable. As is, this episode felt like something out or Aria or something like that, except one of the characters occasionally spouts something about how people won’t be around for much longer. Conceptually that sounds kinda awesome, but in execution it just doesn’t jive at the moment.

The only thing that really turned me off was the little comment that the main girl made when she saw all off the canned goods and other manufactured, processed foods. She said they were relics of “a culture of waste.”

Really? An anime is gonna try to talk to us about being a wasteful culture? I’m pretty sure that animation crafted for the commercial consumption by adults with excessive disposable income is about as “wasteful” a cultural product as you can get. Any fan with enough self-awareness knows he’s participating in something wholly inconsequential and “wasteful.” Seeing an anime try to make such commentary is pretty laughable. Just don’t even go there.

But please, please go do that demented realm where bread gushes out Grand Guignol levels of blood. Go there often. Like, every minute of every episode. Pretty please?

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