Jul 102012

This post was written by Updatedude, but he’s being a lazy bum and made me post it for him.

Otherwise known as MATH (short for Muv Luv Alternative: The Decline of Humanity). So yeah, check it; the reason why Decline of Humanity doesn’t show how they got where they were? It’s because Muv Luv’s the prequel that explains it all.

In 1967, humans encounter a race of space fairies they then dubbed “BETA”. The fairies and humanity engage in a decades long war with humans on the losing side. This created a worldwide culture where war and death are spoken lightly of and treated as everyday facts of life. This same tenacity and adaptability toward hardship is how humanity can still find beauty and happiness in life. Despite the worldwide devastation, humans are still able to persevere and human society continued on and even developed the same vapid pop culture attitude of a world at peace. It also becomes a culture where youth is on the verge of taking over the reigns of leadership as the old guard quickly die in battle.

At the same time, and coincidentally speaking about dying in battle, all the brightest, most sociopathic and adaptable members of society are destined to perish in the war. Humans who can’t stomach death, despite being surrounded by it are kicked out of school. That girl who cried when she saw that car accident? She’s a high school dropout now. Meanwhile, the mostly normal girls are all going off to die in war. It doesn’t matter that you’re naturally smart and would have made a great scientist or technician. Your education and mental development are cut short if you can’t pick up a mech and kill someone with it. Support personnel are a dime a dozen. They need SOLDIERS.

This will eventually lead to a society where people can’t even kill chickens for food. Heck, they’ll need specialized training just to know how to use a knife. In fact, it’ll create a society so pacified that they can’t even prevent said chickens from walking all over them. Or realize that land that can support grass and trees can also be used to cultivate crops (granted, in the future, all crop yields are apparently diverted to the fairy overlords).

Seriously, mankind’s already losing its bite since ‘97/’98. When that old guy decides to return to the capital, and his son fakes being held back from taking his pop to safety. I mean, he’s a full-grown man and he’s being held back by his tiny wife and two grade school kids? Bullshit! He wanted his dad dead so that he’ll have slightly bigger rations when the fairy overlords start moving them into reservations.

Going back to the whole “young people become leaders” thing, it’s already happening in Muv Luv, with the main chick (from the regular series) being the head of her household and in the future, the main chick will also be a representative of the UN.

Anyways, this is all just Fairy Invasion Tactics 101. The truth is, with their superior technology and the ability to orbitally land anywhere on earth, there’s no reason to apparently land in Asia and engage in a protracted land war (possibly, they landed in Europe though). The only conclusion is that by looking at cause and effect, the fairies planned all this. By dragging humanity into a long war rather than instantly taking them out and having to deal with guerilla resistance, the fairy invaders have been slowly draining humanity’s resources. Not just material resources, but the human resource itself. Rather than a quick victory that will breed eternal rebellion, they’re going for a slow burn that will slowly break the human resolve and any feelings of hope. Even by the end of ‘98, humans already believe that their race will inevitably go extinct. This will result in a pliant and docile slave race who are inherently stupid and brainwashed to resent humanity’s past achievements. A slave race who are all too eager to please their masters even in the face of starvation.

By going against Sun Tzu’s teachings of trying to achieve quick victories, the fairies save time and resources in reeducating mankind after the war, by reeducating them DURING the war.

Unless of course, the new human mech designs are so effective that a single squad can completely turn the tide of the war. But that’s a silly and retarded notion.


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