Sep 012012

You probably noticed things are kinda slow around this joint as of late. I only made one post a week during the month of August.

That sucks. Sucking isn’t cool. So I finally decided to do something about that suckage.

Mecha Guignol’s no longer just about anime.

Yeah. Gasp and stuff.

Anime ain’t going away. I’m sure my anime stuff will pick up one the new season starts. Hopefully there’ll be some cool stuff that clicks with me. But this current season? Yeah, even the new stuff I enjoy hasn’t been inspiring, and as much as I love Polar Bear Cafe, it can’t carry a whole blog. I’d love to try to make this blog All Panda All The Time, but no.

I’d been thinking about doing some comic book blog posts. Like, actual super hero comics and shit. Not just manga. But then I decided that I don’t need to stop there. Why does this blog have to only be about anime? It started off as a way for me to get my writing juices flowing. The “anime blog” part was just a hook to get it started. I never intended to keep doing this, but now that I am doing this after all these years, why keep limiting myself to just one form of media? That sucks. That leads to stagnancy. And since I have no desire to outright up and die (metaphorically), I’m gonna evolve on the spot.

No more limiting my posts to just anime. If I wanna write about a movie, there’s no need to tie it into anime. If I wanna write about that awesome non-Japanese board game I just played, I’m gonna post about it. It’s gonna be an all-purpose nerdy pop culture orgy up in this place from here on out.

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