Sep 092012

Archer? That spy movie spoof cartoon on FX. You should totally check it out and stuff. It has, like, story and shipping and all that shit y’all otaku love. Yeah.

So there’s this running gag in Archer where Sterling finds any excuse to shout “Danger Zone!” As in Kenny Loggins/Top Gun Theme “Highway to the Danger Zone.” It’s his catchphrase or whatever– the sort of thing that most people will find endearing or grating– no middle ground.

They’ve been doing this for three seasons with all sorts of variations. He’ll say it. He’ll get someone else to say it for him. Blah blah typical running joke stuff. Then, in the finale of season three, he has it turned on him. First, this scene happens. That moustached dude wants Archer and the other spy peeps to help him take back a commandeered space station. Archer tries to turn it into a Danger Zone gag. The dude doesn’t bite, seemingly unaware of the reference or whatever.

Stuff happens, and when they reveal that said dude was in fact the leader of the insurgents on the space station, he turns it around and uses the line against Sterling Archer. That dude knew what reference Archer wanted to tease out of him and he knew he’d have the perfect moment to twist it around as the ultimate fuck you.

That’s, like, the perfect sort of running gag. It grows and mutates and turns into its own thing, ultimately mutating into one of the best punch lines I’ve seen all year. But you wouldn’t get that if you weren’t watching the series to begin with. Loser.

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