Sep 152012

Hello again, friends. Or enemies. Probably both, I don’t particularly care. I’ve got some rambling to do and don’t have time to make those sorts of distinctions. I haven’t been this excited about dinosaurs since Jurassic Park!

Okay, that’s a lie. I’m always excited about dinosaurs. Especially combinations of Doctor’s and Dinosaurs. Especially especially this one.

No, not that one.

This episode went so much better than the last one. I’m going to say that right off the bat. The whole of the episode just felt like it actually worked. A lot of information and a lot of stuff going on but there wasn’t any awkwardness and it actually kept my attention (to the extent that anything can keep my attention for extended periods of time) despite everything that was going on. It is a busy episode, though, I did have to watch it a couple of times to keep some things straight in my head. I’m sorry if this gets super rambly from here on out but…

It opens with the Doctor being Somewhere Else (Egypt) and suddenly needing to be Somewhere Other Than Where He Is conveniently giving him an excuse to run away from the advances of a female. This usually works out nicely, given Eleven’s awkwardness towards women of all sorts. Not this time. Nefertiti, Queen of Egypt, will not be fled from. Acting in an almost surrogate River role as the Doctor flees to the call of his Twitter Feed (Which shows up on his psychic paper) and ends up at the SPACE EAST INDIA TRADING COMPANY Indian Space Agency who apparently police space. It’s what they do. They are going to shoot down a derelict, unidentified, pollen-looking space ship hurtling towards earth but apparently want to give the Doctor a shot at it first. Doctor and Nef say Okay and the Doctor hits up Africa (Again, sort of?) to pick up Inspector Lestrade Alan Quartermaine John Riddell, Big Game Hunter. Most people, at this point are going “WTF?” while I am pretty sure he knew exactly what he was doing. He got a look at the life-signs on the ship and wanted someone who was used to dealing with Big Wild Animals. Then he gets the Ponds. And Brian Pond Williams, Rory’s dad. Which makes sense now, Rory is a Weasely. There, I said it. It was funny the first half-dozen times. I’m sure we’ll hear it a half-dozen more since he’s slated to return. Amusement and banter is had as we get to the spaceship, the Doctor’s Gang being pretty straightforward in an adventure group. Nef seems a little extraneous but that’s sort of the point, she forced herself onto the group, and Brian was an unsuspecting passenger. Then there are Dinosaurs! HOORAY! Also, as we hit the title screen we see that my theory was right: It DOES reflect the episode! Score!

And breathe! The cold-open establishing bits seem to be getting longer and more elaborate and, really, I think that’s okay. This one proved to be pretty good. The episode itself moves at a very brisk pace, especially considering that the group gets split up very early on and doesn’t resume being The Doctor’s Gang until the last act. It helps break up the information and action nicely. I also like how, contrary to general consensus, the two Queen Bee’s are not at each other’s throat. Quite the contrary, Nefertit and Amy have a mutual respect for each other. Although this may also denote a bit of Substitute River-ness on the part of Nef. In any case, Team Amy does a lot of the information gathering while Team Doctor ends up confronting the Bad Guy: Solomon and his Oddcoupledroids. Solomon was a pretty good villain but I could have done without the Lampoon-bots. Or at least those voices. I would’ve liked more Alan Rickman and less Nick Frost. Or something. That’s really my only complaint and even that’s just a small annoyance. In any case, we get the story of Solomon being a huge bastard who thinks everyone is in it for the money because it’s all he can think of. Just like how Filtch can’t get over the fact that he doesn’t have any magic. Okay not so much that. Oh, and there’s more of that “Doctor Does Not Exist” stuff going on which suggest that Oswin may have been a little too good at her job? I dunno. We Shall See.

And then we get some real action. Yeah! And then they shoot Tricey! CERA TRICEY NOOOOOOOOO! All of this leads to the group getting back together because Solomon is a huge douchebag and decides that he wants Nefertiti as a prize. Really? He didn’t see that as coming back to bite him in the ass at all? Whatever. Missiles are heading for the ship that is hurtling towards earth now. I did mention the Missiles, didn’t I? Well, they are doing that thing. So the Doctor has to figure out a way to save his Gang, the Dinosaurs, and Nef from the grubby hands of Solomon Filtch.

Which he does. With the help of everybody involved. Every single person gets to help. Rory and Brian get to drive the ship, Muldoon Riddell and Amy keep a pack of Raptors from getting into the room, Nefertiti saves herself, and the Doctor sends the Missiles after Solomon’s ship wherein it promptly blows up.

Yes, he blows up the badguy. Don’t act so shocked. The doctor has done this sort of thing in the past with people who refuse to see the light. The assholes that can’t seem to help but be evil. He tries, he gives them a chance and all they can do is keep being evil. So, they get what’s coming to him. Solomon ends up getting about fifty thousand megatons worth of expensive warheads right up his exhaust port. Whatcha gonna do?

All in all I really liked this episode. It made me happy. Also it is worth it to note that just about everything makes some kind of sense in relation to the Who Universe, you know Continuity. Now I need to sit around and wait for the next one…

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