Sep 172012

Yo check-it, there’s this movie called Super Hero Taisen (Super Hero War) and long story short, it’s about the Japanese version of Power Rangers having a big ol’ throw down with the Japanese version of Masked Rider/Kamen Riders. Super Hero Taihen (Super Hero Trouble) is from a family of promotional shorts known as Net Movies. This particular iteration is pretty good too…

So we’ve had quite a few Net Movies before. The first one was awesome, it had lots of trivia and a little breakage of the fourth wall. The second one was decent. After that I stopped paying attention. If there were any after that, they probably sucked. But this one, Super Hero Taihen is pretty darn awesome with loads of fourth wall breakage.

The short of it is this, even if you have no idea what the heck these characters are on about, you should probably get this anyway. Most of the jokes are pretty obvious. It doesn’t matter if half of it flies over your head, since what’s here is pretty darn good for this sort of thing. But yeah, it’s Power Rangers.

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