Sep 292012

Hi guys, me again. No, not Gigs. This is my spot, not his, despite what he may have been telling all of you people. Do not listen to his lies!


In any case, this was sort of supposed to have been done earlier in the week but because of poo-brain and sickness it did not. As  a result this post itself will likely be a little slipshod. Also no Gravity Falls post for you guys either. We shall get to that later.

Let us proceed before it gets too awkward.

The Power of Three was… an episode. I am not sure, personally, how I felt about it. A lot of factors went into it, including the external knowledge that the Ponds will soon no longer be traveling companions of the Doctor. This induces a sort of Pond Panic and artificially charged the episode with, as the tumbler puts it, The Feels since they were the focal point of the story. Do not delude yourselves, it was all about the Ponds and their internal turmoil over what they should do with their lives: live or Live? Unfortunately the joke is on them as the real answer will be C: DIE… maybe?

Mind, we also get to see more of Brian whom I adore and we also get a big old dose of the Doctor being twelve. Okay, maybe just a bit (a lot) A.D.D. when he is forced to actually exist for an extended period of time… in one time period. So to speak. We’ve seen this before (Vincent and the Doctor) but it seems to have gotten a lot worse since he started dropping Amy & Rory back at home between jaunts with them. One of Eleven’s quirks is that he is an Antsy Bugger. Brian proves his diligence and that the Williams boys have a lot in common, what with the pockets and the waiting. It really made me want HIM to be a companion, but that’s grasping for stars I know.

Then there are the Boxes. Which are really slow time bombs. Not one-hundred percent sure what was up with the random-assness of them all going berserk  unless it was to give some people a good reason to get rid of them so they didn’t kill everyone? But that doesn’t make sense either since they were there to outright wipe humanity off the galactic map? I don’t know. Speaking of which, Get used to this face. Ain’t that just the loveliest smile you ever did see?

The Shakri are a ball out of left field. One that is going to bounce off of something and come back at us at least once more, you can take that to the bank. When you have an Alien Species introduced as Gallifreyan Boogiemen you are going to see them again. I don’t know if it’ll tie into the season ending shebang or what but I wouldn’t be surprised. I will only be surprised if we do NOT see them again this season. Or next season, depending on how things go.

OH! And UNIT! We got UNIT back! Also The Brigadier’s daughter! Ha-HA! That was good, nice little heart-string tug there. Er, ahem, in any case. What was up with the people on the ship? Were they keeping a few random folks around as a Whitman’s Sampler of Humanity? And if so why? More questions that may or may not ever be answered.

And that ending line! Ugh. I groaned. I really did. That was just terrible.

In any case, I’m going to sleep and you’re going to read this and then I’m going to steal the next episode and HOPEFULLY, since I am no longer (as) sick and I have nothing else to do today I will actually get this regular article moved to something more suitable like Tuesday. Maybe. Hopefully.


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