Oct 122012

So I was talking with my co-conspirator Updatedude and he made a particularly interesting comment about the second episode of K. As he was watching the various chase sequences in the episode and the sight gags therein, he was reminded of a particular anime series:

Ranma 1/2

I think he’s on to something here.

In Ranma, a lot of the episodes devolve into madcap chase scenes where Ranma’s being chased by Kuno or Ryouga or Shampoo or some one episode character who uses Martial Arts Iron Chef Olympic Trampoline or some shit like that. The antagonist is shouting about how they want to kill Ranma because he’s dating Akane or they want to date him or because his dad stole a loaf of bread 50 years ago. They legitimately want him dead, but it’s played for laughs. Ranma doesn’t take their threats too seriously, and he’s doing more to defuse the situation most of the time than to turn around and use equal lethal force. Basically an Elmer Fudd/Bugs Bunny thing with less dickery and crossdressing. But despite all of these death threats and attempts to eviscerate Ranma, these chases almost always end with the characters in an all-too friendly situation. Somehow they end up eating together or joking about something or whatever. Moments ago this dude(tte) wanted Ranma dead and now they’re practically buddies.

That’s the vibe Updatedude got from these chase sequences, and I gotta agree with him. The white-haired dude knows that the sword dude wants to kill him, but he’s more concerned with trying to become friends with him. He’s trying to save his own skin, but he’s doing so in an almost playful manner. And despite us knowing that the sword dude wants him dead, everything plays out in such a humorous way that, especially once we have a cat who can turn into a girl and distort space/time join the antics, it turns into something downright farcical. Then there’s the ending, where everyone calls a mutual time out after an entire evening of chasing because everyone’s starving. This dude, who moments before was ready to slice everyone in half, pulls out his badass chef’s briefcase and gets down to making some high quality meal for everyone.

It’s the same damn thing as something out of a Ranma 1/2 episode, and I dig that. I dig that a lot.

I just want the cat to go back to being a cat. Yeah, naked girls are nice and all, but those drugged-out cat eyes are too damn cute for the character to be wasted on us as a generic nyan-speaking anime girl.

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