Oct 122012

Chibi Devi is the best new show of the season. It also happens to be the touching story of a young girl with atheist tendencies who is lured into the sordid world of Satanism.

The opening scene of Chibi Devi was kinda shocking. It’s a shot of a young girl crying, and she monologues to us about how she doesn’t believe in god, angels, demons, and whatnot. That alone isn’t shocking so much as it is to hear the main character of the series making with the skepticism. The main peep is the one that’s usually inspiring others to believing in all that intangible, faith-based stuff.

It makes for an interesting twist on the whole “nobody likes me and my parents are nowhere to be seen” cliché. We’ve seen plenty of main characters who have to deal with bullying and absentee parents, but have we ever seen all of this result in even a nominal loss of faith? Sure, all of that’s effectively thrown out when some power-that-be sends a devil child to keep the main girl company or whatever, but even if this aspect is never dealt with again it’s still neat to see.

But that isn’t what makes Chibi Devi awesome. Much like my favorite anime of the year, Azazel-san, it’s yet another case of the innocent being corrupted to the “dark side” for the audience’s amusement.

The anime’s scenario is kinda fucked up when you pause and think about it. This girl is having a crisis of faith, and out of desperation she asks a god, whom she isn’t even sure exists, for some kind of help. But as far as we can tell it isn’t God that answers the call– it’s some sort of evil force. The girl is given a demon baby. His presence cures her loneliness pretty quickly, but it also seems to create far more problems than it solves.

First of which is that she has to take care of a fucking baby. She’s in middle school, so she has no time to devote to child care. And we have no idea if she has the funds to look after a kid. On top of that, the kid’s presence is already causing her more problems with her bullying classmates. They think she’s skipping class when they see her out walking the baby, so they blackmail the main character into doing their after school chores for a month. So she may be kinda happy to have someone around that doesn’t treat her like a deadbeat pushover, but it’s causing all the people who do treat her as such to treat her even worse than before. And she’s gonna have some explaining to do now that devil baby Mao has gone all Gojira on her nemeses.

It’s all playing out like a shoujo sitcom version of one of those old mythological tales where Zeus fucks over some poor sap of a commoner. Zeus wants to get it on with the human chick, and even if she goes with it she usually gets turned into a swan or some shit like that. The main girl in Chibi Devi has pleaded with God to relieve her of some of her problems and all she’s gotten is some temporary relief that’s just gonna damn her even further.

That’s pretty fucked up for a cutesy shoujo series. And pretty awesome, too.

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