Oct 282012

So the cheerleader girl in Chuunibyou’s also a former delusional kid. OK. I didn’t see that coming, but it makes sense. This is a show about kids dealing with that geeky phase in some manner, so that makes her fit the theme or whatever.

But here’s the deal. We have two “straight men” in this show who aren’t really fit for the role– two kids who scream and throw immature fits when someone dare to break away from the normal high school routine. In fact, I’d say their ridiculous acts of denial are far more immature than the LARPing antics of Patch Girl and her minion. At least they’re honest with themselves and aren’t being insufferably obnoxious. So, do we really need this sort of dynamic between the characters? I don’t know, man.

We have two current kids indulging in their fantasies, two who are trying way too hard to distance themselves from said fantasies, and one goofy girl who claims she likes naps but who comes off more like a pothead sort of character. To put it in Scooby Doo terms, we have two Scrappys– the sort of character all too eager to charge in and believe in the monster, two Scoobys– cowardly and denying anything strange is happening, and one Shaggy– sleeping and being a dopey doofus.

That’s the sort of dynamic we got in the Scooby Doo universe in the late 70s and early 80s. They ditched Fred, Daphne, and Velma and concentrated on the comedy relief characters. Not only did they introduce that abomination known as Scrappy, they brought in other members of the Doo family. While the likes of Scooby Dum weren’t nearly as annoying as Scrappy or Flim Flam from the otherwise awesome 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo (a show that thankfully brought back Daphne for some levity in the opposite direction), the whole dynamic of the show was thrown off, and every decent iteration of the series since has stuck to a more balanced character make-up.

So yeah, I’m digging Chuunibyou this far, but once we added in the pig tailed girl and the cheerleader girl, the series has suddenly skewed towards that sort of imbalance, and it reminds me way too much of those lousy Scooby Doo seasons. What they needs if for Patch Girl’s sister to have more of a role in the series. Or maybe they can indulge us more in their little fantasies, showing us what they’re thinking more often. Or maybe the uptight kids can finally realize there’s nothing wrong with being a goofy kid doing goofy shit.

Because this is a Bizarro Universe Anime where, if they’re gonna double up on the Scooby Doos, we need more Scrappys to keep them in check.

You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to type that sentence. Painful.

Also: Yeah. “Nap” club. Yep. I believe that. Except no. She’s a pot head. Those pillows are filled with different strains of marijuana. She lights up, tunes out, and drifts away to “dream land.” She needs to pass the joint along to cheerleader and main dude. Maybe they’ll lighten the fuck up.

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