Nov 162012

Wherein we review the most FABULOUS Megatron, like, ever.

So this guy is a retool of Revenge of the Fallen Bludgeon. Basically, look at the pictures of GDO G2 Megatron here and imagine his fabulous head being replaced with a less fabulous jawless samurai robot head and you’ve got an idea of what Bludgeon looks like.

Anyways, back to reviewing this GDO G2 Megatron; he is of course, based on G2 Megatron. After the original run of Transformers, there was a relatively obscure series of Transformers known as G2. In it, Megatron got a bit of a redesign. He went from a Walter P-38 to a tank. His colors went from white with black and a dab of red to neon green with purple camo. Gone was the iconic forearm mounted cannon in favor of a shoulder mounted tank turret, and perhaps most significantly, G2 Megatron had a purple face with a HUGE chin.

This GDO G2 Megatron pretty much hits all the basic aesthetic points of the original G2 Megatron, but does so far more fashionably. Whereas the original G2 Megs was garish, this GDO G2 Megs is FABULOUS.

While he no longer spots the purple camo, his green is brighter and somehow just inherently BETTER than the original’s. I’m kinda bummed that he doesn’t have a shoulder mounted tank turret any more but it’s no biggie. And despite the weedy skeletal arms which are a result of being the Bludgeon mold, GDO G2 Megatron somehow manages to look far more powerful and imposing than Bludgeon ever did. That bright green just accentuates his silhouette more.

But what is a G2 Megatron without his purple face and gigantic chin? Well, as you can clearly see from the pictures, GDO G2 Megatron not only possesses those features but he carries them divinely. GDO G2 Megs is positively glowing in purple face-ism and his chin is simply magnificent. Not many Transformers can rock a powdered wig helmet but you know what? GDO G2 Megatron can and that fabulous smile proves it.

This is a Megatron who knows the score and the score is You: 0 to Megatron: RULES.

Aesthetically, Gay Megatron is the most fabulous Megatron, if not Transformer, to date. Honestly, you’re a philistine if you don’t dig it.

Engineering wise, the RotF Bludgeon has always been solid. So this carries over to Megs as well.

Unfortunately, there are a few issues with this toy. He’s got a heavy helping of paint, which is normally a good thing, but it also means that he’s giving to paint scratching. Unfortunately, mine already has a slight blemish from the first time I transformed him. The green bits just above his big purple crotch plate? Notice that the one to his left is slightly scratched. This annoys me no end.

His left hip is also sort of loosey goosey. The mechanisms which govern his forwards/backwards & side to side movement are fine but repeated use of this mold has apparently loosened the ring mechanism/attachment of his left hip, so that it wobbles something fierce. Alas, I lack the understanding and the tools to fix this. Don’t get me wrong though, he has no problem moving his left leg or just plain standing, but you’ll want to use the right leg to balance on in the event that you want to have him throw a Taekwondo kick.

All in all, I love this Megatron. He’s already ousted my Prime Voyager Megatron from the leadership position of my display.

Like Shoreleave, Fire Emblem or Ray Gillette; Gay Megatron is just plain fabulous.

P.S. GDO stands for Global Defense Organization.

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