Nov 282012

Now here’s a toy I never thought I’d find; much less pay the exorbitant prices to make it mine. But while making a pit stop to get out of some truly atrocious traffic; I went to a store I seldom go and saw this piece of Transformers plastic.

Now this guy’s somewhat of a rarity; a consequence of being quite the novelty. You see, GDO Wheelie is of course based on the Transformers character Wheelie; who has been hated upon since his debut in the original animated movie. But this toy mold was originally used for the Reveal the Shield Jazz figure; the incongruity of reusing it for the reviled Wheelie created a sort of toy hybrid vigor. One part awesome with another part horrible; somehow made this thing eminently desirable. Long story short; I saw, I took and I bought.

So let’s talk about the good and bad points of this guy; I mean, he’s relatively new so he’s still something you might buy. Honestly there’s not too much to say about this piece of plasticrack recycling; RTS Jazz was a solid toy that had little to no significant shortcoming. It was a good-looking toy with a neat transformation; none of which was lost despite the new head and color decoration. The new head is undeniably Wheelie with it’s big stupid grin; but truthfully all my attention’s on that great giant chin. Another thing that’s new is that he has a slingshot instead of a gun for an accessory; but considering that’s original Wheelie’s trademark item, it’s really rather necessary.

This toy really doesn’t have any significant flaw that I can hold against it; although there may be long-term durability issues because it has a few bits of clear plastic. Clear plastic tends to be a tad more susceptible to stress when applied with force that’s undue, but thanks to the design of this figure I doubt this will be an issue. The clear plastic’s mostly found in parts where applying excessive force would be pretty hard; unless you’re specifically pressing against ‘em like some damn retard.

The only legitimate complaint I have is a QC issue that makes me cringe; there’s a big ol’ ugly splash of paint on my Wheelie’s left door hinge. But don’t let that keep you from a purchase if you make a Wheelie find; much as I loathe to say it but this particular case is probably uniquely mine.

Articulation is pretty solid all around; there’s joints galore to be found. Wheelie can be posed in just about any which on your display isle; although his arms are too short and stubby for a proper Gangnam Style.

A pirate I was meant to be! Trim the sails and roam the sea!

As for his colors, you can see that he’s primarily orange…

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