Dec 122012

As in “I took my sister to a convention.” What else could that mean?

My sister isn’t a geek. She takes offense at words like nerd being tossed her way, even in jest. If this were Genshiken, we’d totally be Sasahara and his sister. So when she insisted on coming along with me to a small local anime convention several years back, I was shocked. She likes Hello Kitty stuff, but I imagined that’d be the only thing she’d find remotely appealing about such a thing. Turns out that, yeah, that’s pretty much the main thing that amused her about that convention. Other than me buying her lunch, that is. She thought the cosplay was amusing to look at and everything, but she had no interest in watching things in video rooms and shrugged off any anime DVD recommendations I made in the dealer room. She was there to buy Hello Kitty stuff in the dealer room and gawk at the cosplayers.

So flash forward to this year. The same convention, San Japan, has gotten a little bigger since the last time she went. For whatever reason, despite not wanting to go the last time I went to this con, she insisted on going again. I told her it’d be more of the same, but she wanted to go anyway.

We get there. We get our badges and everything. We head to that artists’ alley thing and she sees My Little Pony shit. Her eyes go wide with fascination.

She wasn’t a My Little Pony kid back in the 80s. She was into Barbie and Cabbage Patch Kids when I was into Star Wars and Voltron. I don’t remember her ever having any pony stuff. She wasn’t one of those girls into the whole horse riding thing either. She’s always been more of the Michaels/Hobby Lobby crafty sort. I was genuinely shocked that My Little Pony appealed to her.

So she’s interested in something genuinely geeky– an adult into the pony thing. I was able to tell her some stuff about it, since I’ve kept up with the cartoon and everything, but I skirted around one particular aspect of said fandom:

The Brony.

I told her there were guys who liked it, but I didn’t go any further into the subject. Need to know basis and all that. So when she went to buy a My Little Pony t-shirt, what does she pick up first? One of those BRONY shirts with Rainbow Dash on it.

Yeah, I just told her not to get that one and directed her towards a shirt with Pinkie Pie on it. She liked that one even more, what with the pink and all, and I didn’t have to get into a spiel about those fans. Awkward crisis averted. I didn’t want to have to get into that with her, and I didn’t want to have her wearing a shirt with a loaded word plastered on it that she doesn’t comprehend.

Since then she’s still kept that interest. When she tags along with me to the comic store, she’ll pick up one of those blind bad figures or something. She’s watched some of the cartoon and liked it. Thankfully she hasn’t delved much further than that. She “threatened” me with taking her to a My Little Pony convention up in Austin, but she decided she didn’t want to bother with it that day. She’d probably punch someone if she realized half the things going on in that fandom.

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