Dec 142012

Code:Breaker ain’t all that great. I quit watching it after the episode that inspired this “day,” mainly because I didn’t see the series getting reaching the same height of pulpy ridiculousness again. It’s just a bunch of pretty boys with super powers moping about and spouting the sort of grade school level nihilism-but-not you expect from the kid in the back of the class wearing a Nine Inch Nails t-shirt.

But then the series went and stuffed kids into backpacks.

So, kids being born with super powers is a thing in the Code:Breaker universe, and the government apparently gathers up these kids to use as super secret bishounen agents or whatever. But not every kid has some ultra cool “BURN” power that lets you kill someone by striking a pose and pouting. Those kids get turned into experiments and ingredients to give non-powered people a Ghostbusters backpack filled with adolescent power juice. Slap a kid in that thing, turn it on, and yell at them to crack out laser beams and shit.

It’s an awesomely horrible image, seeing these kids turned into steampunk spell components. And when the main kids save them, they plead for the main dude to avenge them, and they beam with one last grasp of happiness as their captors are brutally murdered.

Doki Doki Vengeance


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