12th Day of Relationship Time

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Dec 152012

So Landon wanted me to write a 12 Days of something thing to celebrate the day that some little heathen baby was born. Naturally, I would do a 12 Days of Toys thing. But being the unnatural kind of dude I am, I’m unnaturally doing a 12 Days of the Top Canon and/or non-Canon Relationships in Adventure Time thing instead.

Marceline x Ash = Marshaline
So, this is like, the one official pairing that people probably dig the least because honestly, we were only given one side of the picture.

For those of you who didn’t see the Marshaline ep, Marcey and Ash used to live together and had premarital relations as girlfriend and boyfriend. But then one night, Marcey was in a really bad mood and Ash did something super insensitive. Marcey freaked out and broke it off with Ash and that’s that.

Years later, Ash reappears and tricks Finn & Jake into removing Marceline’s memory of that break up. This resulted in Marcey and Ash getting back together again until Finn proved to Marcey what Ash did. Hurt by this double betrayal, she kicked him in the balls and they broke up again.

So, Ash is a jerk right? Damn straight, but are we sure we got the whole picture here? Everything in that ep was from the point of view of the protagonists, but what about from Ash’s point of view?

First, let’s talk Ash. Yes, what he did that caused the original break up was a dickwad move. And worse, he didn’t even realize why it was a dickwad move. But now? Think about it, he’s come back after apparently several years and he now realizes what it was that upset Marcey. This shows he’s grown. Otherwise, why remove the memory of him telling her he sold her teddy bear (to a witch) rather than just the moment of the break up itself? So Ash has changed. He’s still selfish and willing to do whatever to get what he wants, but he’s not going to blow it again the way he did before.

But here’s the kicker. Once that memory of the break-up was removed, Marcey and Ash were totally hunky dory. That means, it really was just a conglomeration of bad stuff all happening on that one night. Who knows what Marcey was going through that night. Maybe she got another visit from Simon, so Ash selling the teddy on that night of all nights was just the worst possible timing.

The fact is, you take that one moment out of the equation and they’re a totally jiving couple. Yeah, we saw him asking her for a sandwich. So what? Asking for a sandwich doesn’t mean you’re in an abusive relationship. It’s just that he asked for it at the worst possible timing once again. Yeah, he likes to tease her and her friends, like having that magic wand do a lil’ mocking dance. But y’know, he only sold the bear so he could buy the wand to show off for Marcey. Maybe he was trying to cheer her up?

Point is, you take away all the extenuating circumstances, you’ll find that in the end, Ash made Mar-Mar happy, and the older and wiser Ash is totally the one true pairing for Mar-Mar.

11th Day of Relationship Time

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Dec 152012




Ice King x Lumpy Space Princess = Lumps of Ice
Ice King is into ALL the Princesses… EXCEPT LSP. So you would think this automatically DQs LSP. Not so. In fiction and indeed, non-fiction, who are some of the truest couples? Ron and Hermione. Ranma and Akane. Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes. What do they all have in common? That’s right, they were all in denial of one another.

Be it Wesley and Buttercup, Harry and Sally or Tiger and Bunny, these guys didn’t get along in the beginning and would never have contemplated a relationship together. But they’re totally meant for each other.

But why oh why the Ice King and LSP? Simple, because they NEED each other.

Ice King needs someone to love and care for. That’s the crux of his despair. While LSP needs someone to love and take care of her. That’s the crux of her hoboness.

It’s simple relationship psychology. It’s why you have “opposites attract”, because on a subconscious level, people recognise that the person who is opposite of them, possesses the qualities they need to be balanced and happy. A bossy wife is just going to argue with a bossy husband. Likewise, two mousy people are just going to result in lots of unsaid resentment that festers over time.

Ice King is caring while LSP is selfish, and this is going to result in a one-sided relationship, but it’s also the formula for a successful long-term relationship. And at the end of the day, without each other, both are just going to be miserable and alone. Ice Lumps might not be the sexiest pairing, but it’s the most necessary pairing for a happy ending.