Dec 152012




Ice King x Lumpy Space Princess = Lumps of Ice
Ice King is into ALL the Princesses… EXCEPT LSP. So you would think this automatically DQs LSP. Not so. In fiction and indeed, non-fiction, who are some of the truest couples? Ron and Hermione. Ranma and Akane. Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes. What do they all have in common? That’s right, they were all in denial of one another.

Be it Wesley and Buttercup, Harry and Sally or Tiger and Bunny, these guys didn’t get along in the beginning and would never have contemplated a relationship together. But they’re totally meant for each other.

But why oh why the Ice King and LSP? Simple, because they NEED each other.

Ice King needs someone to love and care for. That’s the crux of his despair. While LSP needs someone to love and take care of her. That’s the crux of her hoboness.

It’s simple relationship psychology. It’s why you have “opposites attract”, because on a subconscious level, people recognise that the person who is opposite of them, possesses the qualities they need to be balanced and happy. A bossy wife is just going to argue with a bossy husband. Likewise, two mousy people are just going to result in lots of unsaid resentment that festers over time.

Ice King is caring while LSP is selfish, and this is going to result in a one-sided relationship, but it’s also the formula for a successful long-term relationship. And at the end of the day, without each other, both are just going to be miserable and alone. Ice Lumps might not be the sexiest pairing, but it’s the most necessary pairing for a happy ending.

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