Dec 172012

Seriously, I’ve already planned which couples will be featured for all 12 days but I only wrote the first four and it doesn’t look like I’ll have time or inclination to finish things off. It’s risky business here. We’re in the danger zone here folks.

Flame King x Flame Princess = Flame Kincest

So you know that game Princess Maker? There was a translated version on DOS many years ago. That’s where a lot of us first got introduced to that game. Anyways, that game also had a cheat mode which I totally abused in order to not have to deal with the tedium of having my “daughter” go to work. So the way I played the game was that I spent a lot of effort keeping her stress level down. I maximized her stat gains but also made sure she didn’t get stressed from all that work. We had frequent family vacations.

So when I finished my first run of the game, I think I got her to be a queen of evil or a paladin or something, I can’t remember. But for her destined lover? She confessed that it’s daddy dearest that she loved. And THAT was what opened my mind. It wasn’t the twincest from Ouran Highschool Host Club or the stalkercest from Mai Otome or the myriad of “we’re not related by blood” anime. It was Princess Maker that corrupted me.

Which is why Flame King x Flame Princess is totally obvious to me. He pretty much treated her like my avatar treated my princess in Princess Maker. He kept her safe from the dangers of (destroying) the world. He was also highly fussy when a gentleman caller came. I don’t know about you but I thought the Dragon Kid from Princess Maker was a punk who didn’t deserve her, just like Flame King wouldn’t accept the pussy “Prince” Finn. The only guy I’d even consider giving my blessings to was Luciferon, just like the Flame King would only consider blessing a suitor who was at least evil enough to murder his own minion.

And even after she left the nest, Flame King is obviously still an important part of Flame Princess’s life. Screw the post-Apocalyptic morality of Ooo, Flame King and Flame Princess are totally meant for each other.

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