Dec 222012

So yeah, Psycho-Pass is awesome and stuff. It’s the sort of thing I crave out of anime more than anything– that dark, nasty, ugly ultraviolent stuff that’s antiquated by most modern kiddies’ standards. After this week’s episode, where the best punch wasn’t pulled, it looks like things are only gonna escalate. Makishima’s revealed himself to the main peeps. They know he can’t be “judged” by the Sibyl system. They know they’re kinda fucked. Good stuff’s coming out way.

But what if this was the final episode? I think that’d be even awesomer.

The horrors and flaws of the Sibyl system have been known since the first episode. Victims of crimes can be deemed potential criminals due to shock, stress, and the desire to punish those who have violated them. The system doesn’t see a difference between the murderous intent of some maniac and the murderous intent of the person who wants to get back and said maniac for said attempted murder. The ability to use subjective reasoning to deduce intent and circumstance is pretty important to most peeps’ sense of justice, and seeing that element systematically removed in Psycho-Pass is where the real horror lies.

But then we introduce someone who can bypass this system. That’s the obvious sort of master villain in this sort of story– someone beyond the system who used it to his advantage. The heroes have to play by the rules, and if they don’t they risk becoming branded criminals by Sibyl. But there’s this feeling that the only way to beat this dude is to break the rules and become the very thing your system hunts.

The anime’s gonna run with these ideas one way or another. Akane has to face the potential of becoming like her Kogami and so on. It’s all gonna come to a head. Peeps may die. Systems may be shattered. Souls may be broken. Shit’s gonna go down real hard.

But what if things just ended with Akane crying out “He can’t be judged?” No follow-through. No conclusion. We’re just left with this lingering sense of dread– that nothing can be changed. Sibyl is here to stay, and a man like Makishima is free to do as he pleases so long as no one is willing to break these rules that have made life seemingly less chaotic. Isn’t that far more horrifying than carrying through with the story? There’s no resolution to the matter. We’d simply be left with no sense of hope. People are gonna die. Life is going to be Hell. No one can do a damn thing about it.

I’d love to see that. It’d be akin to how No Country for Old Men ends. Bad stuff goes down. The Big Bad walks away, his plans not fulfilled but also unpunished. Those seeking justice are left with the notion that there’s nothing they can do, because this is how things are, were, and always will be.

That’d be beautifully depressing.


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