Dec 232012

I’m cheating. Again. Warned you about that already. The Venture Bros ain’t Japanese, but it is animated. Hell, it’s the best damn thing going at the moment. Better than any anime. Better than any movie or band or whatever. It’s fucking awesome and you should be watching it.

But The Venture Bros is on my list for the final episode of this past season. While it isn’t nearly as awesome as Occult Academy’s ending, that’s only because this was merely a season finale rather than a series finale. But if it had been the series finale, I would have been perfectly fine with that.

And that’s why the final episode was so awesome. It managed to tie together so many loose ends (Brock and Molotov, OSI and Sphinx (SPHINX!), Dean and Triana (Love how their relationship actually gets worse), and a bunch of other things) all while leaving the door open for future seasons. While The Venture Bros is largely episodic, it has a way of looping back around on itself, addressing plot threads both big and small and wrapping up things. It’s rarely a pretty picture with a happy ending, mainly since the creators have said that the series’ main running theme is “failure,” but there’s always some form of resolution lurking around the corner for the series’ various threads.

Also, the whole “Rusty Venture” bit in the final episode is sheer genius. And Dean’s last “fuck you.” Yeah, those are the real reasons why this episode’s on this list.

And the way they used that Pulp song. Awesome.

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