Dec 232012

Peeps have talked about this scene in terms of its timing. Joesph Joestar guns down Straits with a tommy gun seemingly pulled from hammerspace. Roundabout starts playing right when Joseph steps on the frame of the broken window. Tears flow from Joseph’s eyes as he speaks of vengeance for Speedwagon’s perceived death. It’s good stuff man.

But that isn’t why this scene’s on my list. What made me dig this scene was how it defined Joseph’s character in one succinct moment.

Joseph’s grandfather, Johnathan Joestar, was your classic gentleman ruffian. He enjoyed a good fight. He wasn’t above using violence when needed, but he wasn’t one to deceive his opponent. He might pull out a surprising move that his opponent doesn’t see coming, but that’s born out of quick thinking and tactics rather than fooling his opponent.

Joseph doesn’t give a fuck about that. He plays dumb when Straits appears, pretending to have no clue who’s summoning him into the street. And once Straits readies himself for a super powered fist fight– the sort of thing he’d expect from someone from the Joestar family– Joseph pulls out that Thompson and unloads the entire clip into Straits.

Joseph isn’t interested in the fight. All he wants is blood as payment for Speedwagon’s death, and he doesn’t care how he gets it. It’s the perfect way to demonstrate how Joseph is different from his grandfather. He’s no gentleman. He’s a man of his times– all gangsters and rampant crime and impending war.

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