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2005: Updatedude Style

Okay, I’mma gonna do 2005. But while going through the list of anime released in 2005, the thing I found is that it wasn’t a good year for consistent fansubbing. I mean, nowadays, we expect fansubbers to get an episode done by the day or the next day of an anime coming out, and we don’t expect series to get dropped, especially by the larger groups. But 2005? Not so much. Some of these shows I only managed to finish only fairly recently. Like Sunabouzu/Desert Punk (which started in 2004 and ended in 2005, so it’s technically a 2004 show but as of this writing, Landon hasn’t updated 2004 yet, so I’mma gonna mention Desert Punk ’cause Sunabouzu deserves to be mentioned. DesertPunkSunabouzu DesertPunkSunabouzu DesertPunkSunabouzu DesertPunkSunabouzu DesertPunkSunabouzu!), which I only managed to watched in its entirety a couple years back ’cause subbing just stopped like, 5 eps in and then sputtered till it died about halfway through the series. No idea if it was due to licensing or whatever though. Then there are shows that were pretty cute when they came out, but had sketchy releases back in the day and I couldn’t be bothered to finish ’em when they finally got completed, because the momentum’s been killed.

I mention all this because this ain’t going to be a top 10 for those reasons. It’s gonna be more of an honorable mentions, mild suggestions and like, top 4. Also, because I doubt Mai Hime (2004 – 2005) is gonna get the nod in Landon’s 2004, I’m just gonna mention Mai Hime here. Anyways, onwards.

Somewhat Honorable Mentions:

The original Futari wa Pretty Cure concluded in 2005, to be continued almost right away with its sequel Futari wa Pretty Cure: Max Heart in 2005. This is pretty boring stuff now, but back in the day, it was fairly revolutionary to see a couple magical girls get in a fist fight against David Bowie. Nowadays, it’s all about how Madoka is grimdark or whatever, but 2004 – 2005 was when the REVOLUTION was in full swing.

Keroro Gunsou also started in 2004, but went well into 2005. I mention this one because it was a good show for its time. Before the fatigue of over 200 episodes and multiple movies set in, Keroro Gunsou was pretty darn funny. This one’s a bit of an odd duck to be included in this list. While I am aware that I’m totally “cheating” with Precure #1, Keroro’s such a long running series that to judge the year by the entirety of it’s run just ain’t right. It’d be like saying the Simpsons was the worst cartoon of 1989 because at this point, it’s had more bad years than good. Although season 1 WAS pretty “terribad”. So yeah, if you’re just gonna judge Keroro Gunsou for its episodes in 2005, it was still pretty good back then.

Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge (Sore Yuke! Gedou Otometai & Zettai Seigi Love Pheromone). Alright, here’s the thing, the concept for these “two” shows was pretty good back in 2005. But this project sputtered and jerked around for so long that by the time I got around to actually finishing it, the impact was vastly lessened. But while the individual episodes might not hold up as much any more, if you’ve never heard of this show, it’s probably worth a watch. I’m talking to YOU Landon, aaaand whoever else might be reading this.

Barely Honorable Mentions:

Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu, good Sunday morning shounen mecha series, but probably not appropriate for this blog’s audience. The first ep was rock solid though.

Kamichu! was cute. It suffered from subbing syndrome. By the time it was subbed in full, the market was already drowning in cute moe main characters. Again, it was cool when it came out. But it probably wouldn’t hold up now because K-On’s killed the moe market (to be fair, K-On season 1 was good for the time. It’s its phenomenal popularity which led to the suck).

Ichigo Mashimaro. The series that made you feel like a dirty pervert until the market became so flooded with 6 year olds that we’ve become numb to it. This show’s pretty much like Kamichu!, only better and more deserving to be on a Top List, but it also suffered the same fate as Kamichu!.

Ultimate Girls. Okay, so Ultimate Girls was just a lame fanservice show, but it parodied Ultraman, and dammit, I might “borrow” a lot of my anime, but I pay actual money on the merch. I spend way more on merch than on what’s essentially a free tv broadcast show. And one franchise that I spend money on is Ultraman. And Ultimate Girls was not just an Ultraman parody, but a parody on moe while being a fanservice moe show back when that genre didn’t yet saturate the market. Also, spoiler alert, the 3 main girls are killed in like, the first 5 minutes. Reduced to bloody smears beneath the feet of the show’s Ultraman. It gets points just for that.

Note: In retrospect, the shows I’ve mentioned in Barely Honorable Mentions probably shouldn’t be watched (except Gaiking) because they’d probably suck if you watch ’em now, but they were decent for their time.

Edit: Whoops, looks like I forgot Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid. Erm, just stick it on either Somewhat Honorable Mentions or Actual Honorable Mentions. It was decent.

Actual Honorable Mentions:

UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie 3: Bride of Celestial Souls’ Day (6 ep OVA). Look, the UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie series… yeah, the first episode sucked. But it gets better (better than suck, it took a few eps before it became decent and then good). And the OVAs which make up season 3 were legitimately good. Especially anything that had to do with Raine, who evolved from an onee-sama ojou-sama character in her debut to like, an upper middle-age jobless bum by the time of the OVAs.

Damekko Doubutsu. Look, this is a show about useless (worthless neet slacker) animals in a forest, and it has an evil manipulative unicorn. It isn’t as visceral as the stuff Landon likes, but goddammit, it has useless animals.

Honey and Clover. It’s an anime. But it’s also like, a live action K-drama. And it was good when it aired… yeah, Landon would probably hate this show. I dunno why, I just think he would. Though he might not.

Top of 2005

2. Gun x Sword

Totally generic shounen mecha anime. It starts off as Trigunny, and ep 2 was horrendous despite the awesome concept of superpowered mustaches, but then episode 3 happens. And it was good. Gun x Sword’s one of those shows that get better as the episodes progress. I don’t think it ever quite evolves to the sublime, but it still gets pretty good. And it has a “happy” ending.

1. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s

The best entry of the entire Nanoha franchise. It’s an action packed magical girl show with a lame plot. But by golly, that’s some nice action. Again, this show, the PreCure franchise, Mai Hime and such forth, they’re the ones who fought the revolution and laid the foundation for… Madoka? Okay, so their legacy suck at the moment, BUT, you know what doesn’t suck? My mom. And err, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s, which was a very nice series indeed, and from what I skimmed, the recent Nanoha movie based on it is actually decent. If you don’t watch the series, the movie is good enough.

So yeah, 2005, the year where there’s only 2 series worthy of being in a top list, and they’re both shounen crap. Go figure.

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