Sabagebu! 04

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Jul 312014

Originally this was gonna be Sabagebu! 04 and Kamen Rider Gaim 39, and maybe a lil’ Batman: Assault on Arkham. But I figure, eh, let’s not mix genres too much.

Anyways, Sabagebu!’s pretty much the only anime I’m actually watching this season. It’s the only one I’m following or looking forward to on a weekly basis. Sure, there are other “better” anime running right now. Like, Space Dandy or Tokyo ESP or whatevs. But much as I love twisted storylines with a bit of gore on occasion, truth is, it’s sometimes a chore to devote mental energy to that kinda stuff. Cheap entertainment like Sabagebu! is easy to digest, and as such, ends up as my most anticipated anime on a weekly basis.

That said, ep 4′s a relatively weak ep. It’s consistent like Ika Musume or Keroro Gunsou’s consistent. Good, but nothing overly special. I do like that they make sure to always have action for the last segment though. It’s something that even Ben-To neglected at times. Oh, and that Platypus and Momoka’s milf mom are totally having an affair.

Kamen Rider Gaim 38

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Jul 232014

Well, here’s the thing, I dig Kamen Rider Gaim. I kept meaning to do write ups for it for Mecha Guignol, but I kept putting it off ’cause I wanted to start from the start. But yeah, playing catch up’s not gonna get nuthin’ done. So, kinda late coming in, but here’s Kamen Rider Gaim 38.

It’s not necessarily the bestest ep yet, although it does set yet another new paradigm. See, there’s there are these two brothers named Micchi and Takatora. Micchi watched his brother get betrayed and seemingly killed quite a few episodes back. While he did not directly take part in the festivities, he allowed it to happen and was all too happy to reap any rewards as a result of his brother’s untimely death.

Alas, Takatora somehow survived and spent several episodes being the audience stand-in in receiving a whole bunch of exposition. Finally, Takatora returns and seeing what’s happened to Micchi, decides to beat some sense into his brother. While Takatora maintained the momentum for much of the fight, he hesitated toward the end and seemingly allowed Micchi to get the killing blow in. Takatora fell into a lake and sort of… gave up on life and died… again. Hopefully forever this time.


Well, sorta. With the showdown between Takatora and Micchi concluded, we now come to ep 38, which opens with Micchi being pretty darn happy he’s finally murdered his brother. But then, his brother’s ghost appears to torment him.

Meanwhile, Sengoku Ryouma, the scientist dude who was secretly pulling the strings of the evil corporation, returns to parlay with the main characters. He’s dressed awesomely dorky and continues to speak with in the ol’ “irregular beats” style where he doesn’t pause in his sentences and he doesn’t put emphasis where one would normally put ‘em. You don’t have to know Japanese to tell his inflections are all fucked up.

In any case, Ryouma’s back with an offer to help the good guys get into the enemy stronghold. They don’t trust him, so he takes off to let them think things over.

Stuff happens in the interim and it all leads up to a fight between the main character, Kouta, against Micchi. Now, before the fight with Takatora, Micchi’s a cowardly backstabbing bastard. But in this fight, he actually manages to fight off not just Kouta, whose secretly a mutant alien entity at this point; but also Kaito, who is essentially the second main character.

Despite the ghost of Takatora still haunting him, Micchi’s cast aside all doubts and hesitation, and by the end of this episode, is apparently basically the most powerful non-alien Overlord character in the show right now.

All in all, Gaim continues to deliver on nearly each and every episode. the exceptions being episodes that are there, just to promote the spin-off movies. The first cour of Gaim concluded with the closure of an arc, but since… I dunno, around episode 20 or so, it’s been revelation after revelation. But in a good way that doesn’t take away from the revelations that appeared differently. THIS is how you keep topping yourself. By doing so from different angles, rather than simply escalating things to the point of ridiculousness, much like Code Geass and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ended up doing. Or how stuff like Madoka FAILED to do.

If I had to recommend Tokusatsu to anyone, I’d recommend Re: Cutey Honey Live and I heard that Garo’s pretty good too. But I’d also definitely recommend Kamen Rider Gaim. It’s by far the best Kamen Rider of the modern era in terms of the narrative.


Sabagebu! 03 & Aldnoah Zero 03

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Jul 222014

Sabagebu! 03

Sabagebu! continues to deliver. What could have been a lame loli-fetish ep was instead, a pretty damn good child abuse and child murdering ep. Yeah, kids don’t deserve any special treatment. Nor shouldn’t they be repeatedly shot. Sabagebu! not only doesn’t shy away from that, but it doesn’t wallow in pandering to lolicons. The little girls in this ep received no special treatment, and that’s a good thing.

The Narrator’s in good form as well. Though of course, the animals, and in particular the crow, stole the episode. The crow’s awesome, not for any one impressive feat, but for its long and storied past. This crow’s seen some shit and has come out the better for it.

Aldnoah Zero 03

Aldnoah’s turning out to be pretty decent. I’m somewhat meh on the main character, but right now, we’re getting some good shounen action. It’s like many shounen action series where kids have strange powers; in the early chapters, it’s all about how to overcome incredible odds by figuring out how the powers of the opponents work and exploit the intrinsic weaknesses.

Like how Edward had to figure out Greed’s super tough skin power or how Gon’s crew had to find a way to survive Hisoka. (See? We DO watch/read these series, they just ain’t in the top fiddy).

So I was saying I’m somewhat meh on the main dude, but he’s really not too different than Lelouch, in the sense they both occupy the same role of being the “super analyst”. Where Lulu was over the top, especially as the series progressed, Aldnoah’s main dude (whose name I honestly haven’t registered yet) is the emotionless androidy type who’s somehow still the charismatic center of attention.

Anyways, in case I’m not clear enough on the matter, what I’m saying is I dig Aldnoah Zero 03. It’s got some nice tactics from the plucky Earthlings, appropriate dramatic kickass mood setting music and I also dig how ultimately, it’s the Martian’s hubris that led to his downfall. Oh, and I found it kinda funny that the princess essentially went “Super Saiyan”, I’m just sayin’.

If I’ve got any nitpicks, it’d be that the main dude was able to aim precisely at the baddie’s one weak spot, despite only receiving a verbal description. Also, the rescue ship’s apparently using a Michael Bay Transition System, because it just appeared out of nowhere with very little adherence to time, space and geography; much like a Bay scene transition. Aaaaaalso, that sniper girl’s super aiming and the way the bridge collapsed aaaand this and that and whatnot. Really, these are all just nitpicks and totally don’t detract from the episode.

Bottom line, both Sabagebu! and Aldnoah are delivering right now. I’d recommend checking ‘em out.

Let’s Bake!

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Jul 202014

So it’s summer time. This means, for some of you weirdos, camping out in the wilds and possibly getting eaten by bears. However, despite this fine tradition of reverting to more primitive lifestyles, this madness has given rise to a simple delicacy: The S’more. In the spirit of this I give unto you… the S’more Brownie!

Ingredients & Directions…

Box of Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownie Mix (Just what I used)
One Egg
1/4 Cup Water
3/4 Stick Butter (Melted)
Box of Golden Grahams
Bag of Mini-Marshmallows
Pan of rough size equal to 8×8

Mostly follow the instructions on the box save for the Veg Oil, butter is better (opinion).
Preheat oven to 345 F (‘Murkia) and use the remaining 1/4 stick of butter to grease the pan. Not all of it, just a good coat that’ll keep the brownies from sticking to it. We had a 9×9 which is fine, just don’t go and try this with an 11×11 or something and pout when it’s all weird.
Melt your butter if it isn’t already and let it cool enough so it doesn’t cook your egg when you put all your wet ingredients into the bowl together. So that’s water, melted butter, and egg. Stir that up good. Then dump in the dry mix. More stirring. Whip it up until your hand hurts or it doesn’t look terribly lumpy, whichever comes first. Pour this into the pan.
Pour a bowl of Golden Grahams and crush them up some, pouring them atop the mix in the pan. A little more than one full cereal bowl did it for my batch but add to taste. Try and get most of the brownie covered. Then repeat with the marshmallows. The covering, not the crushing. You will be disappointed if you try and crush marshmallows.

We cooked ours for about 40 minutes in a metal pan. So probably closer to 45 if you’re using glass but toothpick rule still applies and cook to taste.

This batch came out nice and just a little chewy. The marshmallows flatten out and the Golden Grahams get a little caramelized chewiness to them from the heat.


Ai Tenchi Muyo! #1

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Jul 102014

Tenchi Muyo for a new age…

…an age of SUCK. Hey, remember how in my G-On Riders #1 post, I said the fanservice was not as pathetic as some modern anime? Yeah, Ai Tenchi Muyo’s an example of said pathetic fanservice. This first short/episode is pretty pointless outside of showing us the character designs. There are no real jokes, so it ain’t funny and no one does anything that’s actually entertaining. The entire point of this short seems to be to have some obligatory creepy fanservice and err, that’s mostly it. I mean, if you just wanna show off your character designs, do we really need an anime for it? Just post it on your damn blog or something.

Now, if this Tenchi turns out to be the original Tenchi and he secretly has super powers, it might be a tad interesting. But for now, there’s no indication of such.

See, the diff between G-On Riders and Ai Tenchi Muyo is, G-On Riders got a panty joke in the first episode too. It’s a fairly big part of the episode and ends up being part of the plot. If memory serves me correctly, it actually becomes a running gag. Now, I don’t need a pair of panties to be pivotal to the plot of a show in all my anime, but Ai Tenchi Muyo’s panty fanservice was a girl literally rubbing her snatch on a total stranger’s face. I mean, that’s the show’s “punchline”. She doesn’t move away from her position or whatever, instead she just grinds it.

If I want porn, I’d get porn. This is just… pathetic.