Jul 102014

Tenchi Muyo for a new age…

…an age of SUCK. Hey, remember how in my G-On Riders #1 post, I said the fanservice was not as pathetic as some modern anime? Yeah, Ai Tenchi Muyo’s an example of said pathetic fanservice. This first short/episode is pretty pointless outside of showing us the character designs. There are no real jokes, so it ain’t funny and no one does anything that’s actually entertaining. The entire point of this short seems to be to have some obligatory creepy fanservice and err, that’s mostly it. I mean, if you just wanna show off your character designs, do we really need an anime for it? Just post it on your damn blog or something.

Now, if this Tenchi turns out to be the original Tenchi and he secretly has super powers, it might be a tad interesting. But for now, there’s no indication of such.

See, the diff between G-On Riders and Ai Tenchi Muyo is, G-On Riders got a panty joke in the first episode too. It’s a fairly big part of the episode and ends up being part of the plot. If memory serves me correctly, it actually becomes a running gag. Now, I don’t need a pair of panties to be pivotal to the plot of a show in all my anime, but Ai Tenchi Muyo’s panty fanservice was a girl literally rubbing her snatch on a total stranger’s face. I mean, that’s the show’s “punchline”. She doesn’t move away from her position or whatever, instead she just grinds it.

If I want porn, I’d get porn. This is just… pathetic.

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