Jul 222014

Sabagebu! 03

Sabagebu! continues to deliver. What could have been a lame loli-fetish ep was instead, a pretty damn good child abuse and child murdering ep. Yeah, kids don’t deserve any special treatment. Nor shouldn’t they be repeatedly shot. Sabagebu! not only doesn’t shy away from that, but it doesn’t wallow in pandering to lolicons. The little girls in this ep received no special treatment, and that’s a good thing.

The Narrator’s in good form as well. Though of course, the animals, and in particular the crow, stole the episode. The crow’s awesome, not for any one impressive feat, but for its long and storied past. This crow’s seen some shit and has come out the better for it.

Aldnoah Zero 03

Aldnoah’s turning out to be pretty decent. I’m somewhat meh on the main character, but right now, we’re getting some good shounen action. It’s like many shounen action series where kids have strange powers; in the early chapters, it’s all about how to overcome incredible odds by figuring out how the powers of the opponents work and exploit the intrinsic weaknesses.

Like how Edward had to figure out Greed’s super tough skin power or how Gon’s crew had to find a way to survive Hisoka. (See? We DO watch/read these series, they just ain’t in the top fiddy).

So I was saying I’m somewhat meh on the main dude, but he’s really not too different than Lelouch, in the sense they both occupy the same role of being the “super analyst”. Where Lulu was over the top, especially as the series progressed, Aldnoah’s main dude (whose name I honestly haven’t registered yet) is the emotionless androidy type who’s somehow still the charismatic center of attention.

Anyways, in case I’m not clear enough on the matter, what I’m saying is I dig Aldnoah Zero 03. It’s got some nice tactics from the plucky Earthlings, appropriate dramatic kickass mood setting music and I also dig how ultimately, it’s the Martian’s hubris that led to his downfall. Oh, and I found it kinda funny that the princess essentially went “Super Saiyan”, I’m just sayin’.

If I’ve got any nitpicks, it’d be that the main dude was able to aim precisely at the baddie’s one weak spot, despite only receiving a verbal description. Also, the rescue ship’s apparently using a Michael Bay Transition System, because it just appeared out of nowhere with very little adherence to time, space and geography; much like a Bay scene transition. Aaaaaalso, that sniper girl’s super aiming and the way the bridge collapsed aaaand this and that and whatnot. Really, these are all just nitpicks and totally don’t detract from the episode.

Bottom line, both Sabagebu! and Aldnoah are delivering right now. I’d recommend checking ‘em out.

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