Jul 312014

Originally this was gonna be Sabagebu! 04 and Kamen Rider Gaim 39, and maybe a lil’ Batman: Assault on Arkham. But I figure, eh, let’s not mix genres too much.

Anyways, Sabagebu!’s pretty much the only anime I’m actually watching this season. It’s the only one I’m following or looking forward to on a weekly basis. Sure, there are other “better” anime running right now. Like, Space Dandy or Tokyo ESP or whatevs. But much as I love twisted storylines with a bit of gore on occasion, truth is, it’s sometimes a chore to devote mental energy to that kinda stuff. Cheap entertainment like Sabagebu! is easy to digest, and as such, ends up as my most anticipated anime on a weekly basis.

That said, ep 4′s a relatively weak ep. It’s consistent like Ika Musume or Keroro Gunsou’s consistent. Good, but nothing overly special. I do like that they make sure to always have action for the last segment though. It’s something that even Ben-To neglected at times. Oh, and that Platypus and Momoka’s milf mom are totally having an affair.

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