Aug 222014

Yeeeah, my 2011(-2012) was done the day after the 2012(-2013) was done. I’ve watched the week’s Sabagebu! and Kamen Rider Gaim. Hell, I just finally got around to Days of Future Pass (spoiler: Collosus is a pussy (relatively speaking)).

So the reason Mecha Guignol’s not got content is because I’ve returned to Neverwinter. The Module 4 expansion introduces the new Warlock Class as well as the Dragonborn Race. Aaaand there’s a Summer Festival type event right now.

The game crashes on me on a REGULAR basis now. But I’m a bit ocd, so I wanna at least get my Dragonborn Warlock to the level cap. Proper posts to come… sometime. Probably soon-ish.

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