Aug 242014

Let’s call this a followup and/or replacement for Some Assembly Required for now. Not that any of you peons were reading that anyway…

Starting tonight and running every other Sunday until the star we orbit burns itself out or zombies eat every inch of Landon’s flesh… or it just stops being fun for us, I guess, I will be running a D&D (5e/NEXT/whatever) game with Landon, Mack, and at least one other individual (eventually). The week after I run I will attempt to take the chat log and turn it into something readable for you guys along with asides and commentary about how things work or what’s happening rules-wise if I feel it is necessary.

Regarding what I’m running: I’ve already said it’s the new edition of D&D, however, I am letting Landon and Mack loose on a landscape that is slightly more familiar to them. So to speak. Their hapless (anti)heroes will be carving paths through the primordial, backwards, and wacky ruins of Hollow Earth. Go ahead, Google that. I’ll wait.

Yeah, so stay tuned for crazy fun times with the MG Crew as I do my best not to kill them in the first session.

No promises.

Edit: Also expect the characters to get some sort of write up after this thing gets started. GODDAMNIT MACK! No game happened tonight thanks to SOMEBODY. So actually expect a character write-up as the first post later this week.

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