Aug 262014

I’ve got a lot to catch up on. For instance, I need to post my Best of 2011(-2012) list, do the episode thingy for Sabagebu! and Kamen Rider Gaim, and heck, I even got a new toy, just today. The Hasbro Transformers Thrilling Thirty Leader Jetfire. I’m quite excited about this one ’cause I finally got around to buying some bolts of cloth to be used as the background in photoshoots. But I’ve just finished the new Doctor Who episode and I figure, yeah, I’ll do this one first, because Landon doesn’t dig Doctor Who. I’m literally doing this, just to mildly annoy him.

Okay, thoughts! I kinda liked this episode… BUT!

Okay, there’s a lot of funny bits of course, which I’ll refrain from describing due to spoilers. There’s also a lot of cleverish wordplay aaaaand we get to see a lot of familiar faces, to make up for the one UNFAMILIAR face. And… well, here’s the thing. I like this version of the Doctor so far but… how do I say this?

This episode, is just one big “apology”. Like they’re saying, “Yeah, Matt Smith’s gone. Sorry about that. Here’s someone new. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

Hey, Capaldi’s not bad so far, and I’m personally used to a constantly changing main cast or character from following tokusatsu. But “Deep Breath” felt like a regular Matt Smith episode, only with Matt Smith replaced by Peter Capaldi, and the story constantly apologizing to us that it ain’t Smith.

It doesn’t turn me off per se. I reckon it’s for people who are having a hard time seeing Matt go. Heck, I woulda liked a another 2 years of him, at least. But ah well.

Anyways, this episode’s portrayal of Clara was great. I don’t know if they’ll continue with her like this, but I certainly hope so. Clara’s been a bit of a Mary Sue since her initial appearance. But I super love her and the Doctor arguing like an old married couple. It’s diff from all the swooning that the “pretty” companions have been doing. Jenna and Peter’s chemistry is REALLY good in this regard. And unlike Donna, Clara doesn’t have that “screeching housewife” vibe to her.

My first Doctor’s Eccleston. Who didn’t do it for me till toward the end, when he got faaaabulous. Tennant never really appealed to me, though in rewatching the episodes, I find his run had really good stories. Smith’s MY Doctor though. Love ‘em. But I don’t resent Capaldi, and look forward to how he’ll differ from the last few guys.

So overall, I’m good with this. I look forward to more Doctor Who, though at this point, I’m expecting more of the same. Will Capaldi end up as Gaim? Or is he gonna be Kiva? Who knows? Who… knows.

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