Sep 012014

Weird, I thought I only missed blogging Kamen Rider Gaim 42 at most. Seems I’ve missed episode 41 as well. Welp, let’s talk about some additional stuff to make up for the lull, shall we?

I’ve talked about how Kamen Rider Gaim’s the one series that feels the most like a live action anime, and that’s exemplified by the main character, Kazuraba Kouta.

The first episode of Kamen Rider Fourze totally felt like a live action shounen manga/anime series with how the school the show’s set in being divided by cliques and stuff. But then the show veered off into… weird territory. So then came Kamen Rider Gaim, written by Urobochi Gen, who’s been writing a buncha anime of late, and you can feel it from the pacing of the first dozen or so episodes. But then things go interesting ’cause the story progressed in a way that’s probably unlike most other shows, anime or otherwise.

See, they knew they had at least 40+ episodes to work with. Most other kids shows would rely on a number of different formula to fill up the run. Shows like Pretty Cure or Sailor Moon can be pretty repetitive, and you can arguably skip a bunch of episodes and not really miss anything. Stuff like Polar Bear Cafe, Tentai Senshi Sunred, Shinryaku Ika Musume, Keroro Gunsou and others, rely on being episodic and having running gags, but don’t really have a strong continuous narrative. Then you have shows that are adaptations of long running series like Hunter x Hunter, Death Note, Naruto etc. These tend to be delivered in chunks known as “Arcs”, because presumably, regardless of how popular the original source material was, the manga guys really couldn’t know for sure how long they’ll hang around. Or whether they’d be ALLOWED to end their series.

But Kamen Rider Gaim knew it was gonna be a long running story and the production guys apparently wanted to tell an actual story here. Sure, there’s some padding here and there. Not because they were short on story material, but it seems they had to slow things down to be in time with the release of the toys. But the point is, it’s rather rare to see a full year(ish) long series with a definitive goal in mind.

The other point I wanna make, the main point in fact (because I accidentally went on a tangeant), is that… where Kamen Rider Gaim is totally a live action anime, the main character, Kazuraba Kouta is totally an anime main character. Not simply for his role in the story, but in all his mannerisms and over-acting; you could literally transplant him into just about any anime series with his character type.

Outside of this context, he’s kinda over-acting, but within it, it’s an interesting thing to note.

So, Kamen Rider Gaim 41 and 42… things go about how you’d expect them to. The episodes are solid enough, with plenty of drama, but we’re neeeeeeeeeeeerds, we know how this was all gonna go. They’ve also planted the seeds to some timey wimey action going on. And episode 43 delivers.

By god does it deliver. Not just on the timey wimey, which was straightforward enough. But well, you know they’re gonna have to asspull a bit for the remaining 4 episodes, but by gosh… I have no idea who’s going to be the final boss right now. I know we’re gonna get a final boss due to magazine spoilers. But at this point, it could even be the side character chick for all we know.

Actually, know what? I’m calling it. I’m hoping Ryouma’s out of the picture and that Marika’s gonna be Jam.

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