Sep 072014

So I got Sabagebu! 8 since like, last week, but I skimmed it and it didn’t seem that good, so I’ve held off on watching it. But I got episode 9 yesterday and just got around to skimming it. It looked good, so I watched, and it was indeed, rather good. So I went back to watch 8, it was eh.

However, I’ve noticed 2 things…

One, Maya died first in episode 9, and I got to thinking, “Man, she must be the suckiest player, she always dies first.” Well, when I went back to ep 8, she outright says that she hopes she won’t die first in the episode. That she’d at least be the second to die. Welp, that’s pretty neat that they make note of the running joke.

Two, I went back to rewatch the 3rd (ie Battle) segment of ep 9 and I noticed there’s one scene where Momoka murders a couple senior citizens and they go slack jawed. That reminded me of an interview with Tom Savini, the special effects guy behind the stuff you see in zombie movies and so forth. He mentioned that from his experience in Vietnam, when people die, they become slack jawed, because the muscles holding their mouths closed stop working. So I I ended up checking the 3rd segment of every episode and sure enough, when someone dies, their mouths open/become slack jawed. Most of the time it’s for comedic effect, but there’s a couple where it’s simply there as a detail we take for granted.

So yeah, good going on that particular detail, Sabagebu!

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