Sep 082014

I read manga. I used to be pretty voracious. I’ve actually read stuff like Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Hikaru no Go, Hajime no Ippo and so forth way before their anime came out. So yeah, while I don’t always dig the anime version of these titles, I did read hundreds of manga chapters of said titles. Heck, I used to read hella lots of shoujo manga (I stopped once the mysoginy in said manga got too much even for me).

But as time progressed, while I DO like the shounen genre, particularly of the Shounen Jump style, my tastes have expanded. I dig seinen stuff but it’s more about interesting or engaging story telling than genres y’know? Anyway, here are a few series I’ve been reading or have recently read and I think y’all should read ‘em too.

First up is something I’ve just read.

Hoshi no Ponko to Toufuya Reiko or the translation, Ponko of the Stars and Reiko of the Tofu Shop. Here’s a link to the first chapter.

It’s a pretty cute manga about a winged fox/cat thingy from space named Ponko, who collapsed after arriving on earth. She’s found by Reiko and her kid brother, whose parents run a 3rd generation tofu shop. Naturally, Reiko saved her, and Ponko reveals herself to be a saleswoman, from space. And she’s got gadgets for sale, from space.

She’s sort of an incompetent Doraemon.

Anyways, it’s a pretty amusing 1 shot. The ending does feel a bit forced, presumably so it could get its hook in; in the hopes of being picked up. But hey, don’t take my word for it, here’s a testimonial:

[16:17] updatedude: can you read this?
[16:18] Landon: yeah
[16:44] updatedude: heh
[16:54] Landon: OK
[16:54] Landon: That was awesome

Next up we’ve got Teppuu. Found here.

Right, so the story is about this chick who excels in everything she does without even trying. And now she’s gotten into Mixed Martial Arts aka MMA. Now, there are some pretty decent MMA series out there, such as All Rounder Meguru, which I’ll talk about some other time. But where Teppuu differs is that the main character is a bitch.

She’s an evil bitch antagonist and the chick she’s chosen as her rival is a Shounen Jump style main character. It’s like, she’s fighting Luffy or Natsu Dragneel or something.

But yeah, I dig Teppuu. It’s not a mind bending twister of a series by any stretch, but at least it’s not a cookie cutter main guy. She’s not “untalented”, whose super power is “hard work” like the dude from Baby Steps. The main girl in Teppuu is the antithesis of such characters, and that’s enough for me.

Finally, Nickelodeon. ‘Nuff said, read it

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