Sep 162014

Alright, so past this point is the first log of the first Hollow Earth game. I didn’t really get to format it like I wanted to but mostly because timestamps are annoying. Those won’t be showing up in the next few logs and I’ll be working on actually making them easier to read. Also it is a whole lot later than it should be but whatever. Be warned, it’s pretty long, it’s just about two hours worth of bullshit and not a lot actually happens…

[23:46] <ThreeDark> So, Mack has his background pretty well developed. Chad has some hints at stuff which I’ll let him hold onto for possible later use. Colin you’ve got a good simple background as well.

[23:46] <ThreeDark> Mack, your convent was set up in Marblesroost, the third town along the Spine of Fallen Gods.

[23:46] <ThreeDark> That’s fine, it’ll be hear to read

[23:47] <Landon> I’ll be here in a few minutes

[23:49] <Landon> I’m here

[23:50] <ThreeDark> Chad, aside from whatever you did before you were Apprenticed off, you studied with a “Witch” for a couple of years in Marblesroost. Learning the ways of magic and the way of the con until very recently. You were then sent west to the second town in the Spine, Xamphor, to do a job on your own and then travel back to report as your graduation. You JUST finished your job, three days of selling snake oil which had you come away with a nice pouch of gold chits.

[23:50] <Landon> Cool

[23:50] <ThreeDark> Your master and the Convent didn’t get along so you likely never came across Mel before today.

[23:51] <Gigs> mhmm

[23:51] <ThreeDark> Of course the distance between Xamphor and Marblesroost is enough that it is at least a two day journey when you’re traveling alone with a decent load. You have a small ramshackle cart that your Master lent you for your wares.

[23:51] <ThreeDark> Did you ever decide on a Familiar?

[23:53] <ThreeDark> Heh

[23:54] <ThreeDark> Alright, Colin has to depart

[23:54] <ThreeDark> So I will leave him out of this. FOR NOW

[23:54] <Colin> Sorry, all

[23:54] <ThreeDark> Although you guys will have this horrible sense you’re being followed.

[23:55] <Gigs> indeed

[23:56] <ThreeDark> Which was how I was going to have it anyway

[23:56] <Gigs> mhmm

[23:57] <ThreeDark> Okay, yeah, the distance between Xamphor and Marblesroost is at best three days.

[23:59] <ThreeDark> The Spine of Dead Gods is a series of human-centric towns all built around ruined temples that follow a river from the western coast of the continent for about a thousand miles inland.

[23:59] <Gigs> mhmm

[00:00] <ThreeDark> Glassview, Xamphor, Marblesroost, Palmshadow, Alderbaron, Hali… (etc)

[00:01] <ThreeDark> Each with anywhere from fifty to a hundred miles between each other, but the road along the river is generally safe and has well marked stops along the way.

[00:04] <ThreeDark> Mel, you survived the night last night and you are not sure how. There were loud noises and violence and ozone and fire. You and a few other Sisters were hidden away in a secret basement of one of the closer houses as the violence occurred and when you awoke the other sisters were gone and most of the bodies from the town had been piled on top of each other at the center of town and burned.

[00:05] <Gigs> I assume I’m just loitering at this point

[00:05] <Gigs> fuck burying them

[00:05] <Gigs> whatever’s left of ‘em anyway

[00:05] <ThreeDark> They’re still smoldering.

[00:05] <ThreeDark> Palmshadow is about a hundred miles east, Xamphor is closer at just over sixty heading west.

[00:08] <Gigs> mmm, barbeque

[00:09] <Landon> So I’m getting to town that morning I’m assuming

[00:10] <ThreeDark> Josie, you spent your second night on the road heading back. You thought you smelled smoke in the air the night before but figured it was only your camp fire.

[00:10] <ThreeDark> The smell seemed to dissipate but then you smelled it again last night.

[00:10] <ThreeDark> And it just kept getting stronger as you approach the outskirts of town.

[00:10] <ThreeDark> Yeah

[00:11] <ThreeDark> You find the wood and mud houses in shambles.

[00:12] <ThreeDark> Chad, I’ll ask again, did you ever decide on your Familiar?

[00:12] <Landon> First thing, I’m booking it over to my mentor’s place to check up on them

[00:12] <Landon> Let’s just go with Cat

[00:12] <Landon> calico one

[00:12] Gigs is just loitering about the smouldering corpses, having some jerky

[00:12] <ThreeDark> Heheheh “Supplies”

[00:13] <Gigs> ahmnomnom arghm

[00:13] <ThreeDark> Your Mentor lived in a half-stone building he swore he built himself, although you’re pretty sure he got somebody else to do it because you never saw him lift anything heavier than a bag of gold.

[00:13] <ThreeDark> When you get there everything that isn’t stone is all but ash.

[00:15] <ThreeDark> Give unto me a Wisdom (perception) roll

[00:15] <ThreeDark> Just Jo

[00:15] <ThreeDark> Actually, no

[00:15] <ThreeDark> Mel can give me one too

[00:15] <Landon> What’s the roll thing again?

[00:15] <Gigs> (opening character sheet)

[00:15] <ThreeDark> roll 1d20+1

[00:15] <Roll> ThreeDark rolled [1d20+1]: (2+1) 3

[00:16] <Gigs> roll 1d20+4

[00:16] <Roll> Gigs rolled [1d20+4]: (16+4) 20

[00:16] <Landon> So since I don’t have Perception as a skill, do I get my wisdom bonus?

[00:16] <ThreeDark> Yes

[00:16] <Landon> roll 1d20+2

[00:16] <Roll> Landon rolled [1d20+2]: (6+2) 8

[00:16] <Gigs> HAHA

[00:16] <ThreeDark> It’s a base roll of wisdom and your proficency bonus if you have perception trained.

[00:16] <ThreeDark> Alright so, Jo sees a burning house. Looks like something bad happened here.

[00:17] <ThreeDark> Mel, you hear the sounds of a cart coming from the western side of town.

[00:17] <Gigs> (something bad, sherlock. first name no-shit)

[00:18] Gigs sighs. Guess I should go check that out… hmm, should I bother sneaking up?

[00:18] <ThreeDark> It’s a pretty small town. The ziggeraut is at it’s eastern edge.

[00:18] <Gigs> roll 1d20

[00:18] <Roll> Gigs rolled [1d20]: (4) 4

[00:18] <Gigs> nope, won’t sneak

[00:18] <Gigs> just gonna walk up to it

[00:18] <ThreeDark> You see a cart, a cat, and a lady in yellowish robes and a simple headdress.

[00:19] <Gigs> hmm, a stranger eh?

[00:19] <Gigs> wonder what god will want me to do? (roll)

[00:19] <Gigs> roll 1d20

[00:19] <Roll> Gigs rolled [1d20]: (20) 20

[00:20] <Gigs> guess I’ll observe her a bit. staaaal… err, stare at her all hidden like

[00:20] <Landon> God wants you to waste a nat 20

[00:20] <Gigs> thanks god

[00:20] <ThreeDark> Apparently.

[00:20] <ThreeDark> Lo in the shadows did I lay, watching as the lion watches the sheep.

[00:20] <Gigs> god hates us all equally

[00:21] <ThreeDark> Jo, you can give me another Wisdom check.

[00:21] <Gigs> roll 1d20+4

[00:21] <Roll> Gigs rolled [1d20+4]: (7+4) 11

[00:21] <ThreeDark> Mack, being stealthy you do that check for the sneaking.

[00:22] <Landon> roll 1d20+2

[00:22] <Roll> Landon rolled [1d20+2]: (9+2) 11

[00:22] <ThreeDark> A tie!

[00:22] <Gigs> again?

[00:22] <Gigs> roll 1d20+4

[00:22] <Roll> Gigs rolled [1d20+4]: (13+4) 17

[00:22] <ThreeDark> Jo, you are pretty sure you hear something, but when you look you don’t see anything. The hair on the back of your neck stands up.

[00:24] <ThreeDark> As it stands, Mel, you’re pretty sure you’re hidden. You’ve ducked down behind a low shrub.

[00:25] <Gigs> I’ll just observe for now, see if I can pick up any clues on to whether this stranger’s involved in the masscare

[00:26] <Gigs> massacre even

[00:26] <ThreeDark> Chaaad

[00:26] Landon looks at this familiar cat and asks it “So… what in the hell do we do now that the boss is probably kaput?”

[00:26] <Gigs> same difference as far as my cul… convent’s concerned

[00:27] <ThreeDark> The Cat, lazing on the back of the cart lets out a long and uninterested meowl. Then it begins sniffing the air.

[00:27] <ThreeDark> “Well, you get to keep the money.”

[00:27] <ThreeDark> “I smell meat.”

[00:28] <Landon> Go get you a snack if you’re hungry. Smells kinda rancid if you ask me.

[00:28] <ThreeDark> Mel may have just fallen asleep. She may be slightly narcoleptic.

[00:29] <Gigs> Mel’s kinda bored actually, you guys are just standing there being boooring

[00:29] <Landon> I’m gonna start riffling through the boss’ place’s ashes to see if anything interesting survived.

[00:29] <Gigs> roll 1d20

[00:29] <Roll> Gigs rolled [1d20]: (3) 3

[00:29] <ThreeDark> Also, with that, the Cat hops down and trots off towards a bush.

[00:29] <Gigs> Mel decides, fuckit

[00:30] <Gigs> I rush in, RAAAAARGH! DIE INFIDEL SCUM!

[00:30] <ThreeDark> And Chad, Intelligence (Investigation)

[00:30] <Gigs> I ATTACK

[00:30] <Gigs> (gah)

[00:30] <ThreeDark> BUT BEFORE YOU do that

[00:30] <Landon> Initiative?

[00:31] <ThreeDark> Bouncing into the air, a figure in dark robes hops out from behind the bush

[00:31] <ThreeDark> Nearly kicks the cat, and yells

[00:31] <Gigs> do I roll for tripping on the cat? hehe

[00:32] <ThreeDark> Yeah, give me a dexterity saving throw

[00:32] <Gigs> roll 1d20+4

[00:32] <Roll> Gigs rolled [1d20+4]: (1+4) 5

[00:32] <Landon> ahahahaha

[00:32] Gigs trips

[00:32] <ThreeDark> The figure in robes face-plants in the dirt.

[00:32] <Gigs> okay, time out

[00:33] <ThreeDark> Leg nearly squishing the cat as you stand and stare at her.

[00:33] <Landon> Hey!

[00:33] <Landon> You!

[00:33] <Landon> Mind the cat

[00:33] <Landon> Also

[00:34] <Landon> You know anything about all this? Like, maybe YOU did all this?

[00:34] <Landon> Mind you, it’s kinda cool that you offed the boss and I don’t have to shaer with him anymore, but still, that’s uncool.

[00:35] <ThreeDark> Despite saying this you have your doubts, given the show of grace she just displayed.

[00:35] <Gigs> AHA! So you WERE here to murder someone?

[00:36] <Gigs> well, whatever, god didn’t want me to kill you, or there wouldn’t have been a rat there

[00:36] <Gigs> err, I mean dog

[00:36] <ThreeDark> Morsel.

[00:36] <Gigs> what the hell is that?

[00:36] <Landon> Magic Cat

[00:36] <Landon> Tastes like nothing

[00:36] <Landon> Trust me

[00:36] <Landon> You try to take a bite of her and she just dissolves into magic vapor

[00:37] Gigs shrugs

[00:37] Gigs mulls it over, on the floor, ’cause she hasn’t decided to get up yet

[00:37] <Gigs> eh, whatever. You a looter or just a murderer?

[00:38] <Gigs> ’cause trust me, there ain’t nothing left here to steal

[00:38] <Gigs> some nice tender roast in the town center though

[00:39] <Landon> Nah. None of that. Not today at least. Just a… person of the cloth. Kinda like you I’m assuming, so long as you didn’t steal those duds off of some poor sap of a nun after tripping her to death.

[00:39] <ThreeDark> Chad, you can test this theory by digging around in the ashes of your Masters old home.

[00:39] <Landon> that int roll you mentioned, right?

[00:40] <ThreeDark> Yeah

[00:40] <Landon> roll 1d20+4

[00:40] <Roll> Landon rolled [1d20+4]: (7+4) 11

[00:41] <ThreeDark> You find ashes, you find his old spellbook too but it’s more or less burnt to a crisp.

[00:41] <Landon> Guy was a hack anyway. Nothing usefull would have been in there

[00:41] <Gigs> see? just a moldy old book

[00:42] Gigs finally gets up

[00:42] <ThreeDark> All those abjuration spells? Psh.

[00:42] <Gigs> so, what’s a person of the cloth? you outsider barbarians don’t normally bother with wearing clothes?

[00:43] <Landon> Holy type. Religious person. Nun. Whatever you wanna call it.

[00:44] <ThreeDark> “You two going to keep yapping? I’m hungry and I still smell meat. I smell meat on her. Hey, Lady, you got meat?”

[00:45] <Landon> Yeah, lady, make up with the cat and give her some of that meat of yours.

[00:45] <Gigs> hmm

[00:46] <Gigs> well, god did spare you. I mean, believe it or not, I’m actually a pretty good fighter. Yeah, let’s go eat. The meat’s still hot

[00:47] Gigs Mel turns her back to y’all and starts walking back

[00:47] <ThreeDark> Towards the still rising collumn of smoke near the center of town.

[00:47] <Gigs> not much interest in the shack

[00:47] <Landon> May as well follow this thing.

[00:48] <ThreeDark> Cat definitely follows.

[00:49] <Gigs> Mel pulls off an arm and offers it to ya

[00:49] <Gigs> so, who are you heretics anyway?

[00:49] <Gigs> name-wise.

[00:49] <ThreeDark> “She hasn’t named me.”

[00:50] <Landon> Hey, I keep asking you for a name and you get all wishywashy. Just like that.

[00:50] <Gigs> Mel’s mine *argp nomnomnom arghp*

[00:50] <Landon> You’re your own cat.

[00:51] <Landon> And I’m Ruth. I’m with the Order of the Yellow Sign. We’re not too big around these parts. Only sister of that order within 100 miles I think. What god do you chill with?

[00:51] <ThreeDark> “Technically I am a magical construct built from part of your subconcious. So I shouldn’t be surprised and neither should you!”

[00:52] <ThreeDark> As Mel sits there, chewing on charred human flesh.

[00:52] <Gigs> *Mel wonders if she’s hearing the badger talk or is she just filling in the blanks of a crazy person talking to a badger*

[00:53] <Gigs> Eh, I chill with God. I mean, there’s only 1 God

[00:53] <Gigs> well, aside from your fake heretic ones

[00:53] <Landon> Oh. One of THOSE types.

[00:54] <Landon> Whatever floats your esoteric boat, lady. We’re all going to hell no matter the denomination.

[00:54] <Landon> So

[00:54] <Gigs> buuuut I guess you’re praying to God, even if you’re doing it wrong. So, wassup? wiped out any towns recent? *she asks, non-chalantly*

[00:55] <Gigs> *tosses an eyeball to the bat*

[00:55] <ThreeDark> The cat gnaws on the morsel.

[00:56] <Landon> No. No. Ours isn’t an order of such overt corruption. Anyway, there isn’t much here in this town. Quite literally. And knowing how things go, if we stick around long enough we might get the blame.

[00:56] <Landon> So

[00:57] <Gigs> so…?

[00:57] <Landon> I COULD use someone as… hardy as you to do a little light lifting

[00:57] <Landon> Paid of course

[00:57] <ThreeDark> Cha-ching

[00:57] Gigs looks at the wagon or-wait, paid?

[00:57] <Landon> I guess the funds could go to that one true god’s donation plate?

[00:58] <Gigs> or my pockets. Alright, fine. just lemme gather up some supplies. so where we going?

[00:58] <ThreeDark> And then Mel and Jo turned into Pam and Mal

[00:59] <ThreeDark> You guys know the rough layout of the Spine. More towns lie east, but they’re generally further away. West are only a couple of towns and then the Glass Coast, where the Nords are.

[00:59] <Gigs> well, while you decide, I’m gonna pack up

[01:00] <Gigs> *Mel’s gonna look for some sacks and fill that effin’ cart up*

[01:00] <ThreeDark> Depending on your definition of snacks you don’t have to look far.

[01:00] <Gigs> Guess that’s why God put that snake in my way, now I have a wagon to carry more stuff and a direction

[01:01] <ThreeDark> According To The Prophecy

[01:03] <ThreeDark> So you guys take a couple of hours to decide which direction you’re going to go and gather what few supplies you can from the ruined town.

[01:04] <Landon> How about we head west? Hit the beach maybe? Weather’s better that way.

[01:04] <ThreeDark> Nords are richass fuckers too

[01:04] <Landon> I woudn’t want you lugging that cart in awful weather. I’ll have to trade you in quicker.

[01:04] <Gigs> eh, whatever you say Ruth. You’re speaking for God right now.

[01:05] <ThreeDark> You two both give me one more Intelligence or Wisdom check

[01:05] <Landon> roll 1d20+4

[01:05] <Roll> Landon rolled [1d20+4]: (20+4) 24

[01:05] <Gigs> roll 1d20+4

[01:05] <Roll> Gigs rolled [1d20+4]: (18+4) 22

[01:05] <ThreeDark> (Investigation or Perception if you’ve got them)

[01:05] <ThreeDark> Well lookit those.

[01:05] <Gigs> heh

[01:06] <Gigs> *Mel sniffs, takes one last look around town

[01:06] <ThreeDark> Mack you find a well used map of the spine, can’t be more than a decade old, along with enough ‘supplies’ to make up another makeshift herbalism kit.

[01:07] <ThreeDark> Chad, roll me another straight d20

[01:07] <Landon> roll 1d20

[01:07] <Roll> Landon rolled [1d20]: (15) 15

[01:08] <ThreeDark> Your keen senses find a small chest with a fifteen golds worth of gems hidden under the burnt husks of two small children.

[01:08] Gigs wonders if Mel might notice the possible lack of burnt nun-wear, not that it would matter in the here and now, nor would she mention it

[01:09] <ThreeDark> As though they were protecting it at all costs.

[01:09] <Landon> Hey you, here’s your first payment. *tosses Mel one gem worth 1 gold* Now get to towing.

[01:10] <ThreeDark> Upon this find you realize that it’s the first money you’ve seen in the hour or so you’ve been looking around. It wasn’t a large or very rich place but you haven’t seen anything of any real worth the entire time.

[01:10] <Gigs> *Mel bites down on the gem, then stuffs it within the folds of her nun-wear

[01:11] <ThreeDark> Mel proceeds to break her tooth. Not really.

[01:11] <Landon> Place was pretty much picked clean of everything of worth it looks like. Real shame.

[01:11] <ThreeDark> Yup

[01:12] <Landon> Time to hit the road. May the souls of the dead not suffer too much in the hereafter and all those lies.

[01:12] <Gigs> Man, sounds like the afterlife of your false god sucks

[01:12] <ThreeDark> You head west towards Xamphor.

[01:13] <Gigs> welp, whatever. *gets grip on cart and pulls*

[01:13] <ThreeDark> Two days and some change. Familiar smells greeting you as you approach the town you left less than a week ago.

[01:14] <Gigs> morning Ruth, want a sausage?

[01:14] <Gigs> got eggs too

[01:15] Gigs noms on a “sausage”

[01:15] <Landon> No thanks. I’ll keep with the good supplies.

[01:16] <Gigs> *Mel shrugs, “suit yourself”

[01:16] <ThreeDark> Mel gobbles the sausage as you walk to see an unfortunately familiar sight.

[01:16] <ThreeDark> “I smell meat again. And burning.”

[01:17] <Landon> Gonna look about to see if I can see any smoke

[01:17] <Gigs> gonna keep eating mah sausage

[01:18] <ThreeDark> Doesn’t look like anything is still burning but things have been burnt. The first houses you come upon have been burned out and there are signs that corpses littered the small streets.

[01:18] <ThreeDark> Wildlife has since come through and taken care of most of them but the smell of death and burning is strong.

[01:19] <Landon> Well damn

[01:19] <Landon> I was just here a week ago and it was still ripe and fresh for the pickings

[01:19] <ThreeDark> Evidently so.

[01:19] <Landon> Now it looks like… whatever happened back home happened here to.

[01:19] <Landon> too even

[01:20] <ThreeDark> Looted, burned, almost everyone killed.

[01:20] <Landon> Looking at the map, is there a different route between the two cities other than the one I took going and coming?

[01:21] <ThreeDark> Not on the map. It shows the main road and the cities along the spine. A couple of marked temples in the jungle surrounding the road, but beyond that nothing off hand and nothing terribly close by.

[01:21] <ThreeDark> Intelligence (History) check from you

[01:21] <Landon> roll 1d20+4

[01:21] <Roll> Landon rolled [1d20+4]: (2+4) 6

[01:22] <Landon> ouch

[01:22] <ThreeDark> Mel wouldn’t know this sort of thing even if she was smart enough to have much to roll.

[01:22] <ThreeDark> And you didn’t pay much attention either.

[01:22] <Gigs> not to class, no

[01:22] Landon kicks the One True Nun

[01:22] <Gigs> so, you gonna loot this town too?

[01:22] <ThreeDark> You know this sort of thing happens every few generations and it’s a fact of life. That’s all you remember.

[01:23] <Landon> It’s almost kinda depressing seeing this two towns straight. Life may be cheap, but this is firesale prices.

[01:23] <ThreeDark> Literally.

[01:23] <ThreeDark> You almost sound like you care.

[01:23] <Landon> All that potential

[01:24] <Landon> cash

[01:24] <Landon> Oh well

[01:24] <ThreeDark> You guys can take a few hours to look through the town but, since it’s been four or five days since it happened you aren’t going to find anything.

[01:25] <Gigs> *Mel practically skips about, having never really been to another town before*

[01:25] <Landon> Don’t get used to it

[01:25] <Landon> Not everywhere is fire and brimstone

[01:25] <Landon> I mean, that’s what they teach in your religion since everyone goes to hell

[01:25] <Landon> But it ain’t all like this

[01:26] <Landon> There are some places with actual people sometimes

[01:26] <Landon> And we better start heading to one of said places

[01:26] <ThreeDark> You guys have decent supplies. Unless you’ve both died and gone to hell and now have to survive until one eats the other.

[01:27] <Landon> What are our options from here, travel-wise?

[01:27] <Gigs> *Mel nods, but also gives you a “look”, indicating that, eh, pull the other one why don’cha?

[01:27] <Gigs> so which way we going?

[01:28] <ThreeDark> Further west to Glassview and then the coast where there are large Nord cities up and down the beach out in the water.

[01:28] <Gigs> found any money?

[01:28] <ThreeDark> Nothing here to find, nope

[01:28] <Gigs> any similarity to how the convent was destroyed? like, just regular fire and burning?

[01:29] <ThreeDark> Or go back east and hope maybe Palmshadow or the cities east of it are still there.

[01:29] <Gigs> or like, beastial murder?

[01:29] <Landon> Is there a way to skip Glassview and go to the next town after that, or is it a relatively straight line?

[01:30] <ThreeDark> A little of both. There’s destruction and burning but you can’t tell about the deaths since there aren’t any real corpses to examine.

[01:30] <ThreeDark> And no, you could probably go around it if you got close to it but the Jungle is pretty thick until you get closer to the coast.

[01:30] <Gigs> what of damage to structures? or is it all burning as well?

[01:30] <ThreeDark> Int (Investigation)

[01:31] <ThreeDark> To determine if there’s anything going on here that isn’t just burning

[01:31] <Gigs> Mel probably can’t figure things out intellectually, but figure she might like, use instinct do sorta feel if things are similar

[01:31] <Gigs> roll 1d20

[01:31] <Roll> Gigs rolled [1d20]: (14) 14

[01:31] <ThreeDark> And she does

[01:32] <ThreeDark> A couple of the larger buildings looks like they were almost knocked over.

[01:33] <Gigs> *makes a mental note and shrugs*

[01:33] <Gigs> so, where to Ruth?

[01:33] <ThreeDark> Looking at the map at the center of town.

[01:34] <Landon> Glassview I guess. Don’t really want to double back. Who knows what else is coming this way. Real bad stuff’s already happened, worse is probably on its tail.

[01:35] <ThreeDark> Speaking of: The road is the only gauranteed ‘safe path’ you could cut through the woods but the cart wouldn’t make it, for one, and it’s pretty wild out there. All sorts of nasty things that keep mostly away from the road and the river by probably ancient magics.

[01:35] <Landon> And there would be no need for One True Nun if I went off the path and dumped the cart.

[01:35] <Landon> Path it is

[01:36] <ThreeDark> Off you go. Xamphor to Glassview is only a two day journey, or should be according to the map.

[01:36] <ThreeDark> You spend your first night at a designated stop and then head out again in the morning…

[01:36] <ThreeDark> Aaand *Checks a thing*

[01:37] <Gigs> so Ruth, what’s your heretical order about?

[01:37] <Gigs> sounds like it sucks when you die

[01:37] <Landon> Well, you’re DEAD

[01:37] <Landon> And that always sucks

[01:38] <Landon> It’s better to play it relatively safe and not find out how much it might suck

[01:38] <ThreeDark> *lets you two banter for a moment*

[01:38] <Landon> That’s how I live things

[01:38] <Gigs> ours is pretty great, you get to go high up into the sky and it’s all happy-happy

[01:38] <Gigs> speaking of which

[01:38] <Landon> If you’re perfect, yeah. But you hit my cat

[01:38] <Landon> You’re going to hell

[01:38] <Landon> so says god

[01:38] <Gigs> *Mel takes some… herbs

[01:39] <Gigs> want some… herbs?

[01:39] <Landon> And I think I heard something about your body being a temple? I think you’re burning down said temple.

[01:39] <Landon> And no. Need my wits about me

[01:39] <Gigs> well, yeah, ’cause temples are for heretics

[01:39] <Landon> So I don’t partake

[01:40] <Gigs> ha, wits

[01:40] <ThreeDark> With your passive perception checks both of you notice one of the small, stone idols that is used to demark a resting place or a town ahead

[01:40] Gigs grounds the herbs, puts in in boiling water

[01:40] <ThreeDark> And just past that a partialy worn path that leads to a clearing where you both see the shape of a ziggeraut

[01:40] <Gigs> it’s cammomile herbs, the most relaxing herbs

[01:41] <Landon> The boss used to use a similar spiel when he’d have the ladies over. “Just a little tea. For relaxation.” Then she’d be out and he’d disappear upstairs and I’d have to sleep outside.

[01:42] <Landon> So

[01:42] <Landon> Anyway

[01:42] <Gigs> Man your boss sounds like a LOSER. The sisters totally let us watch.

[01:42] <Landon> gross

[01:42] <Gigs> I mean, you know, for experience.

[01:43] <Landon> gross again

[01:43] <Landon> ANYWAY

[01:43] <Landon> You’re seeing what I’m seeing

[01:43] <Gigs> hey, we’re a sisterhood of 6000 years.

[01:43] <Landon> Let’s go check this out

[01:43] <Gigs> gotta bring in new sisters somehow

[01:43] <Landon> Knowing our luck Glassview is already toasted, so we may as well take a little day trip?

[01:44] <Gigs> whatever you say Ruth

[01:44] <Gigs> erm, think we can fit this cart in?

[01:44] <Landon> How’s the path look?

[01:44] <Landon> Can the cat make it?

[01:44] <ThreeDark> It looks like it’ll be a little rough, the path is not very wide, but yes the cart will fit.

[01:44] <Landon> cart rather

[01:45] <Landon> Yeah, we’re taking the cart

[01:45] <Gigs> okie dokie, lead the way

[01:45] <Landon> So we’re heading to the zigguraut

[01:45] <Gigs> I thought those are called pyramids?

[01:45] <ThreeDark> You walk, you get the feeling this is wrong. Something is up, but you really have no idea why until you reach the edge of the clearing.

[01:46] <Landon> Temple’s a temple. They all have, umm, donations for god in them.

[01:46] <ThreeDark> You see the Ziggeraut is smaller than it appeared to be through the trees and, instead of being made of stone it is definitely just shaped mud. All around you you see small creatures clattering about, trimming trees and moving dirt towards it.

[01:47] <Landon> huh

[01:47] <Gigs> creatures? as in ants and squirrels? or “creatures”

[01:47] <Gigs> ?

[01:47] <ThreeDark> Most of them come up to about your waists, two pairs of multijointed legs and an abomen attached to an almost humanoid torso and pair of arms.

[01:47] <ThreeDark> With large insectile heads.

[01:48] <ThreeDark> Like if you took a centuar and made it all out of ant parts.

[01:48] <Landon> Anything either of us have seen before?

[01:48] <ThreeDark> Not off hand, but you can both roll Int (Nature) for me

[01:48] <Gigs> roll 1d20

[01:48] <Roll> Gigs rolled [1d20]: (6) 6

[01:48] <Landon> roll 1d20+4

[01:48] <Roll> Landon rolled [1d20+4]: (8+4) 12

[01:48] <Gigs> so, you seen these before Ruth?

[01:49] <Gigs> I sure as hell haven’t

[01:49] <ThreeDark> Your master had a story about these things, darned if you can remember it all. Called them Heratic Bugs. Formians.

[01:49] <ThreeDark> There aren’t many of them. You can see maybe a half dozen.

[01:50] <ThreeDark> Both of you roll preception for me.

[01:50] <Gigs> roll 1d20

[01:50] <Roll> Gigs rolled [1d20]: (20) 20

[01:50] <Landon> Kinda sorta. Heretic bugs. You’d probaby like them. Go make friends with them

[01:50] <Landon> roll 1d20+2

[01:50] <Roll> Landon rolled [1d20+2]: (9+2) 11

[01:50] <Gigs> man, my rolls really ARE perfect

[01:50] <ThreeDark> That’s +4 but hot damn on that 20

[01:50] <Gigs> story-telling wise that is

[01:50] <ThreeDark> Chad you’re still kind of remembering the story as you gaze the clearing.

[01:50] <ThreeDark> Meanwhile, Mel

[01:52] <ThreeDark> You notice two larger ones up on the Ziggeraut, about the size of a person and bulky with spiked carapaces. They don’t seem to have noticed you. The Ziggeraut itself seems to have been torn up recently… and also there are a couple of workers piling leaves on what look like some bodies near the base of the mound.

[01:53] <Landon> And if you do go make friends, be sure to leave your valuables. I… think I remember something about wealth in their proximity giving them great strength.

[01:53] <Gigs> hey Ruth, psst, something I should mention while you’re spacing off trying to remember all that stuff you’ve read

[01:53] <Gigs> ewwwww….

[01:53] <Gigs> Mel’s RD and Ruth’s Twi

[01:54] <ThreeDark> Hah

[01:54] <Gigs> peripheral noticing vs book reading

[01:54] Gigs names the cat Spike

[01:55] <ThreeDark> And actually going to call it here tonight.

[01:55] <ThreeDark> At the edge of doom.

[01:55] <Landon> heehee

[01:55] <Landon> We’re gonna DIE

[01:55] <ThreeDark> It is POSSIBLE

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