Sep 292014

So yeah, just saw a… erm, shall we say, a “version” of the second MLP: Equestria Girls movie; Rainbow Rocks.

It a’ight. If you’ve seen the first Equestria Girls, it’s sorta like that, but with more fan canon nods.

The story is that following the events of the first Equestria Girls movie and the finale of the 4th season of MLP: Friendship is Magic, a buncha baddies reveal themselves in the Equestria Girls world.

It’s not a bad movie, but like the first one, sort of feels like an extended episode rather than something big and theatrical. I kinda have a beef in that you need to have seen the Hasbro shorts/teasers to get the full effect though. For the most part, the shorts are just additional info, such as how the good guys’ band was form and giving clues as to which characters might play a bigger part than you’d expect; if you were simply watching just the movie itself.

There’s also a part where the teasers worked even BETTER than in the actual movie. There’s one bit where the baddies come in and start singing, and this resulted in a green mist being generated. The teaser doesn’t explain what’s going on, but the movie sticks in an exposition scene right in the middle of it. Not only does the exposition spoil a mystery that could have been revealed later, but really, it just interrupted the “timing” of the scene.

Oh, and for a movie where the theme is music and such, there’s a distinct lack of it. I mean, there’re plenty of songs and such, but a lot less than you’d expect. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s not like the first movie had a lot of songs either. And it’d have been lame to be overwhelmed with music, but the finale probably could have used something a bit catchier.

Overall, it’s a’ight. I dug it well enough and there are some pretty good parts. There’s a nice stinger too.

Oh, speaking of that, this movie REALLY sets things up for a possible Equestria Girls series. I’m not sure I’d want it though. After 4 seasons, a couple movies and I think there’s a 5th season of ponies coming? I’m not sure I’d want a new series that’s essentially the same as ponies, only with humans. Granted, the human world presents some possibilities, but we’d be dealing with basically the same set of characters. Unless season 5 (or beyond?) suddenly focuses on new characters or Equestria Girls go a more Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated route, I’d be feeling a bit of pony fatigue.

So yeah, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks, it’s a’ight.

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