Sep 302014

Oh hey, we’ve actually been keeping up with this show pretty consistently since we started blogging it on MG. So, here ends the Gaim series proper. Do we wanna dance with ‘em again?

NO! We do not.

That’s not a bad thing though. It simply means that the story’s over.

Episode 45 left us in the middle of a climatic battle, which ep 46 wraps up with a clean finish. The episode then continues on a timeskip. A couple loose ends were left dangling, but it’s the kind of loose ends you wouldn’t mind being left unanswered. The episode then ends on a really nice note. There was a sense of finality to it.

But then ep 47 comes along. It’s very blatantly a “redemption” episode. The tone is definitely more in line with some other Kamen Rider series, although the ending was pretty nice. It wraps up everything and for some reason, that just made me want more of Gaim.

I doubt the next Kamen Rider series is going to be near as good as Gaim, at least, not in Gaim’s style/format. In fact, the next series, Kamen Rider Drive, looks like it’s gonna be pretty wacky. Which might be a nice change up, considering the heaviness of Gaim.

Gaim is arguably Urobochi’s best work so far. Now, hear me out. I like what I’ve seen of Urobochi’s stuff. But from what I understand, he tends to leave in the middle of projects. For instance, the first episode of Gargantia was pretty good, but it sucked after that. I didn’t even know that Urobochi was involved in the project, but then it turns out he only wrote the first and last episodes? Psycho-Pass, same deal. He only wrote the first half? Coincidentally, that’s the half that I dug most. Same with Madoka, which I heard somewhere that he didn’t write the whole of it? Although if he DID write all of Madoka, I guess Madoka’s just a failed attempt on his part. Perhaps he was constrained by the limited episodes format?

But he apparently wrote most of Gaim. So that’s like, 40+ eps. And it’s been very good stuff for a kiddy show. He’s not doing the next series, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him return in a couple years to take the reins again. Hopefully with an original idea/concept. What I mean by that is, Gaim had a lot of secret love letters to previous Kamen Rider, so it’d be interesting to see Urobochi just do a Kamen Rider from scratch.

Goodbye Arms, Exit Stage Leeeeeeft!

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