Oct 032014

Well this is a surprise. I actually finished this episode.

So, there’s this new show. Tribe Cool Crew, which is about this kid who’s crazy about dancing and this voyeur girl who’s a lil’ miss perfect type. The show’s totally for kids, at least, so far. And it has a feel much akin to those from children’s card games shows. The plot’s as trite as say, PriPara, and despite some nice fluid animation, there’s also quite a bit of recycling and the main dance sequences are done via cgi. Sorta like those from recent Pretty Cure end sequences.

What Tri-Cool does in order to “work” is to simply interject a lot more energy into an otherwise stale formula.

I dig this first episode and I almost kinda wanna watch the second ep, although I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone else.

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