Oct 062014

No comics thingy or robot heads here. Too many stuff to review. Here’s Garo.

We open up with a pregnant woman tied at the stake, presumably they plan to burn her. Meanwhile, a king(?) is being wheeled through the halls of his keep. I note this because I dig the Olive Oil stick figure designs of his entourage.

Naturally, her baby is born as she’s being burnt. Because this is fiction. I do like that even the people burning her think it’s weird for a baby being born under such conditions.

Well, here comes Garo (or a variant). He really does look better as an anime. I wonder if they’ll retain his 99.9 seconds time limit? It’s pretty obvious that he had that time limit in the live action due entirely to budget constraints. But it’s something of a signature to Garo now.

A man who looks like Archer from Fate/stay Night gets ripped in half. First of all, people don’t rip like that. Second of all, that’s still hilarious.

With that, we’re treated to some “witch” huntings. I’m fairly certain these “witches” are just Horror hunters of various sorts though.

Okay, I’ve watched through the whole episode now. There’s a lot of exposition, but I don’t mind. It’s mostly done as pillow talk and there’s enough banter and interruptions in between that it doesn’t have that stilted feel that a lot of anime exposition fall prey to. The story it tells is pretty simple and obvious, but the delivery is fairly engaging for the length of the episode.

The action sequences remind me of the kinda thing you see in Claymore, only with a bit more feel of impact. Of course, there are some Garo sensations as well, such as when Garo runs through a burning building (it’d make sense if you’ve seen Garo).

One thing I really like is that the human form of Garo, barely speaks at all, and his voice is pretty deep too. It’s not the usual high pitchy whine of your usual journeyman hero.

In terms of the Garo design, it’s okay. Half his body is cracked and releasing flames. Perhaps there’s a story to that, like he’s a Half Horror or he’s got royal blood or something.

On the whole, I’m surprisingly pleased with this episode, but if there’s one thing that’s a bit of a brain fart is near the end. The queen gives her son an amulet she’s had since birth, and it’s the emblem of Garo, which shocks the minion of the obviously evil grand vizier. But considering this is an item the queen’s had for years, it really shouldn’t be such a relevation for the baddies.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the prince, Alfonso. He’s probably Garo’s half brother, will he also get an armor or will he become some sorta super Horror?

We shall see.

Edit: Oh, and the dad character seems pretty awesome. I’m pretty sure he figured out the whore’s a (w)Horror once her eyes glowed, but he’s still totally fine with fucking her.

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