Kon Satoshi and His Special Anime Series

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May 292019

Perfect Blue or Paprika choose to exploit the thorny topic of Japanese society and inspire Hollywood filmmakers. Those anime series of Kon Satoshi are not safe for kids.

Perfect Blue

This is a Kon Satoshi horror-directed anime directed, based on the novel Perfect Blue: Complete Metamorphosis by Yoshikazu Takeuchi. The film revolves around Mima who is a member of the Japanese idol group. Mima decided to leave the group to become an actor. However, when she was in her first role, Mina became a victim of a stalker.

The creation of director Kon Satoshi in Perfect Blue made the audience really confused. The film mixes the boundaries between reality and the illusion world of the characters, making it difficult for viewers to feel right from the first view.

American movie critics claim Perfect Blue is too stylized, but its core mystery is always attractive as visual theater arts. In addition, although the way to exploit and select the theme of this anime is somewhat similar to that of movies, Kon Satoshi says that he is proud to be an animator and Perfect Blue has many interesting details like an anime.

Director Darren Aronofsky was really attracted by Perfect Blue. He met Kon Satoshi and bought the film’s rights to rebuild in the famous movie – Requiem for a Dream. Another Darren Aronofsky film, Black Swan, also has many details and the idea is inspired by Perfect Blue.


This is another anime by Kon Satoshi in the psychological horror genre. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Yasutaka Tsutsui. Movie content is set in the future in the world when scientists invented a device that helps people penetrate each other’s dreams. From this, human life is turned upside down. Reality gradually disappears while the world in each person’s mind is constantly expanding with unlimited imagination.

With such a problem, Paprika has created a complex story, which has become a big challenge for those who want to experience this anime as well as understand the meaning behind it.

If you read the content of Paprika, the audience might be familiar with this anime because there are many details similar to Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Although not in the same scenario, many scenes in Inception made the audience think that the director was inspired by Paprika.

Potential of Anime for Marketing

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May 192019

In Japan, there has been a significant increase in the number of customers who choose to use Anime cartoons in their corporate brand TV advertising campaigns. Currently, anime animation used for media campaigns is becoming more popular in Japan because it is particularly attractive for young demographic segments (10 – 29 years old). In this article, how Japan’s leading anime industry can be exploited to create powerful Marketing solutions will be revealed.

Not only in Japan but anime is also popular all over the world For young people in Japan, Anime is a very familiar part of their daily lives. According to the most recent study by Dentsu, 64,3% of customers in the group of 20- to 29-year-olds say they are interested in Anime, while the corresponding numbers of people aged 15-19 are 72, 4%.

Anime’s effects are not limited to young people in Japan. In recent years, Japanese anime cartoons have achieved great success in the global market. The popularity of overseas Japanese animation is at the highest level of all time. For example, according to the most recent study in 20 countries and territories outside Japan, of the 6,600 respondents, 34% said Anime and Manga were their favorite things in Japan.

However, although Japanese Anime is popular, the number of businesses using Anime for Marketing campaigns in foreign markets is still quite modest. In particular, for marketing managers who are aware of the challenges associated with developing customer bases in young demographic segments, it is probably worth considering the use of Anime. When considering a vision in the future, Anime has the ability to attract more and more of the general audience, potential Anime to become a Marketing solution.

In addition, compared to Anime and anime series TV shows, 3 minutes is not too long, viewers can watch the three-minute animation many times if they want and share it on media platforms society. For social media users with friends who share content like that, it’s easy for them to watch the Anime for only 3 minutes.

5 great Japanese sports anime series you should not miss

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May 032019

Japanese sports anime always gives viewers the emotions from happy, sad, happy, happy to break, disappointed and angry. Besides football, here are 5 super cool movies in this genre that you can’t ignore.

1. Kuroko no Basket (Kuroko’s Basketball)
Kuroko Tetsuya is a basketball player “below average” because he has no height, agility, endurance and strength that a good basketball player needs but he possesses a basketball game same inspirational.

Seijuro Akashi discovered Kuroko’s ability and used him to create a “distraction” tactic for his team. Therefore, Kuroko becomes the 6th player or specter of “Generation of Miracles”. But Kuroko’s passionate pursuit of basketball started only really when he joined Seirin High, meeting Taiga Kagami and battling his former teammates.

2. Haikyuu!
The film tells the story of young boy Shouyou Hinata with passion for volleyball. Shouyou decided to revive the middle school volleyball club after watching “Little Giants” volleyball match but unfortunately his team lost to Tobio Kageyama. This didn’t make Shouyou lose his will, he tried hard to practice. When he reached high school, he joined another volleyball club and met his old rival Tobio Kageyama …

3. Prince of Tennis
The story begins when tennis prodigy Echizen Ryouma becomes a member of the middle school and high school Seishin Gakuen tennis team. In this place, he faced many new contenders that were formidable …

4. Yowamushi Pedal
The film is about a shy otaku obsessed with anime but a talent of cycling called Onoda Sakamichi. He plans to form an anime club but fails. In one incident, he met the racing club of the school and his brothers in the “Sohoku High Bicycle Club” that dragged him into their club …

5. Eyeshield 21
The main character Sena Kobayakawa is a weak little student, often a target of bullying in school. After passing the transfer exam and being admitted to Deimon High School, Sena was bullied again and made a mistake for the trio: Kazuki Jumonji, Koji Kuroki, and Shozo Togano. Later, Yoichi Hiruma – the captain of Deimon’s sex oil team, discovered that Sena could run so fast that he made him go to the team …