Jun 112019

Detective Conan is still proving his attraction to fans when achieving impressive sales figures in the latest episode.

Although thought to be the most persistent comic book, which is expected to end by the community soon, it seems that Detective Conan is still proving his attraction to fans when the latest anime episode of the series has been reached a turnover of 6 billion Japanese yen after less than 2 months of premiere. This is also the 20th episode in the anime version that is completely independent of the manga, called Detective Conan: The Darkness Nightmare.

This record is even higher than what 19 Detective Conan: Sunflowers of Inferno established in 2015 with a total revenue of 4,5 4.5 billion. So with these consecutive records, the total sales for anime franchise Detective Conan Conan has reached 60 billion yen. It became one of the most expensive anime brands in the history of cherry blossoms.

The reason why Detective Conan: The Darkness Nightmare has been so successful is mainly because the film refers to the content that the majority of fans are waiting for: The battle with the Black Organization. In the movie, you will meet again familiar names like gin, Vodka, Vermoouth, Chianti, Koeen, Kir, Bourbon and especially the Rum – who has never appeared in all the previous episodes of this series.

If you don’t know, Detective Conan: The Darkness Nightmare is the 20th episode in the Case Closed which is a version with completely new content with what you’ve seen in comics. Officially launched in 2007 with the episode of Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure, this anime series has become an extremely interesting entertainment dish in thousands of fans worldwide.

This result is not surprising because since the theater, the movie has proved attractive without its competitors. The film sold 933,800 tickets with sales of 1.209 billion yen and topped the Japanese box office in the first 3 days of premiere. This is considered a record revenue, although due to the continuous impact of earthquakes, 11 theaters canceled movie showtimes. The film’s opening sales this time exceeded 38% compared to the 19th movie, Detective Conan: Sunflowers.


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