Bride of the Son of the 12 Days – Day 4 – Floop the Pig


This year’s Adventure Time episodes have been pretty crazy. We found out Marceline and Ice King knew each other during the Mushroom Wars fallout. Finn rewrote time and space in an attempt to stop the Lich from killing all life in the universe. Abraham Lincoln, A President of Mars sacrificed himself to save Jake’s life. We found out most of the series was a fever dream induced by the Worm King, who had hypnotized Finn and Jake in an attempt to eat their souls.

But the thing that really grabbed me was the Card Wars episode.

Finn and Jake play Adventure Time’s equivalent of Magic: the Gathering. Jake’s some self-proclaimed expert and Finn’s never played in his life. Jake gets all cocky while Finn catches on pretty quickly and starts exploiting Jake’s weaknesses. All of this is pretty damn awesome from that gamer perspective. I’ve known people who get pretty full of themselves when they think they have the upper hand in these sorts of games, and when the tables turn, yeah, words fly. They don’t grow to super size and taunt you with their magical dog powers or anything like that, but things can get pretty heated even in friendly games. The episode captured that CCG tourney vibe perfectly.

But the best bit in the episode was where Finn “flooped the pig.” Best catchphrase of the year. I totally want a real life version of Card Wars. Why don’t we have this already, Wizards of the Coast/Upper Deck/Fantasy Flight Games/Whoeverelse!