Mind’s Eye Chuunibyou

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Oct 032012

Dude used to run around and LARP as a part of his daily routine. He made up some role-playing character, The Dark Flame Master or whatever, and he pretended to be this dude when he was eating dinner and shit. Then said dude realized you can’t really go around behaving like that at every given moment.

Yeah, that’s cool. You gotta pretend to be a cog in the machine that is Society if you wanna get by, graduate, and get a job. But damn man, why do you have to take things to the opposite extreme?

This Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shita thing kinda strikes close to home. I was this dude. I didn’t go around with a sword strapped to my back while wearing a black leather trench coat, but when I was younger I was that guy stuck in his fantasies half the time. Those pictures he drew of the LARPing version of himself is the exact sort of shit I drew in middle school instead of doing classwork. While all the kids on my street started caring more about girls and sports and shit, I was still daydreaming adventures. I channeled a lot of this into table top role-playing with my fellow nerdy friends, so I never really let it spill over into reality like this dude did, but I can imagine myself doing just that if I didn’t have my little clique of buddies there to be a focal point for said fantasies.

While I think this dude’s taking the rejection of his past ways a bit too far, I can relate to that desire to distance oneself from their geeky tendencies. In high school there was a gaming shop I liked. It was the place where I’d get my Vampire the Masquerade and other World of Darkness RPG books. I liked to go to the place, but I didn’t like associating with the other gamers. Part of it was an age difference– Vampire attracted college age types and older while I was a high schooler and I was damn intimidated– but I also distanced myself due to the desire to not be seen with those people. In high school, I didn’t hang out with the geeks all that much. All of my gaming friends were people at other schools. I wasn’t as pathologically obsessed with being the “normal” guy as the main dude in Chuunibyou, but I felt that way to some degree. I was already a shy dude, so I didn’t want that “nerd” label applied to me as well.

But there was a girl who worked at this gaming shop. And on more than one occasion she invited me to a Vampire the Masquerade LARP group. A girl wanted me to Live Action Role Play with her and this group. You know, pretty much exactly what’s going down in this anime. Eyepatch chick wants main dude to LARP with her. She wants him to indulge in his Black Flame Master persona and join with her Wicked Eye persona and do wacky role-playing antics. This girl isn’t delusional. She knows she’s wearing a off-color contact lens under that patch. She just needs an outlet for her fantasies, and she doesn’t have a LARP group or some other group. She just has herself, so she’s running around like a dumbass acting out her shit in public. As far as I can tell, she just wants someone to game with, and she’s damn happy to have found someone who seems to have similar tastes.

And yeah, I did what the main dude in this show did. I rejected said girl. I didn’t want to have anything to do with those weird LARPers and told her as much. And just like the main dude in this series, I was a stubborn jackass for doing so. Granted, I finally went to the Vampire LARP a few years later while in college and discovered that it was pretty damn weird. I spent half the night being tormented by a Malkavian nun who had a pet platypus beanie baby and the rest of the night doing a piss poor job of hitting on girls by doing Tarot card readings for them while out of character. I never went back after that.

So yeah, my fears of LARPing ended up being legit, but I was still a jerk for outright dismissing it because I didn’t want to do that weird shit. So now I’m watching this Chuunibyou anime and I’m all but yelling at the main dude to get over himself and embrace his inner LARPer.

Also: I died from a Poke-seizure from the spaztastic opening credits and I’m writing this post from Hell.