Gundam Build Fighters Try #1

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Oct 082014

Y’know, sequels in anime seem to usually be worse than the original. There are exceptions like Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s, which was better than Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. Then again, the next sequel, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, was rather crap. And oh hey, speaking of Nanoha, her fan nickname’s the White Devil, which apparently, was the same nickname for the first Gundam. And since we’re talking Gundam…

Let’s talk Gundam Build Fighters Try #1. If you didn’t already know, I actually liked Gundam Build Fighters, which was itself, another attempt at what Gunpla Builders Beginning G tried to do, which was be a show about Gunpla rather than Gundam (and to tap into the Pokemon/Angelic Layer/LBX/Monsuno/etc market).

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. So here’s the premise. This series is basically set in a world where technology has advanced to the point that it can remotely manipulate specially treated plastics in a simulated environment. Only instead of using such technology for the fields of medicine, aeronautics, or anything that might benefit mankind; they decide to use it to stage elaborate robot fights using Gundam Plastic Models as the base.

The original Gundam Build Fighters followed a couple of kids named Sei and Reiji, as they make their way toward winning the Gunpla Battle World Championships. Gundam Build Fighters Try is set at least 7 years after Gundam Build Fighters. A new generation of kids now seek to compete in a virtual pit fight to get their jollies off.

While this new series seems like it’ll have a bit more sequential storytelling than its predecessor, what makes it work is much like what made its predecessor work. And that’s the jour de vivre the characters find in their obses-err, I mean, their hobby. It’s kinda like Tribe Cool Crew. The subject of their interest might be a tad inane for those who don’t share it, but the enthusiasm shines through.

GBF Try has a bit more of that regular anime feel to it, but it incessantly reminds us that the characters do love their cash cow franchise. As someone who is a nerd/geek/stupidtoycollector, I can appreciate that.

One thing I like in this ep is that when the main character (who is a super genius Gundam pilot, natch) gets his first Gundam, it turns out to be a mook mech. Naturally, he’s a genius who is able to do extremely well despite it being his first battle, BUT, the point is, he wasn’t using yet another derivative of the RX-78-2 (aka the Gundam). I was actually kinda hoping that his thing would be that he’d use villain or at the least, mook mechs as his go-to. Especially since this series has 3 leads, and the other two were already using conventional “hero” Gundams. Alas, turns out, the main kid’s mook mech was hiding a *yaaaawn* Gundam inside its body.

But that aside, it’s still pretty fun so far. If the quality is at least only a little bit under par with the original Gundam Build Fighters, I’d be totally fine with following this series.

Edit: I also dig the “rape” bit.