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Feb 102011

I made it three minutes into C³.

Appropriate, ain’t it?

It wasn’t even the actual show that made me gag in disgust. It was your standard “generic dude finds generic magical girlfriend” shit. I can make it through an episode or two of that before I throw my hands up in frustration, and every now and then that sort of show manages to have some genuine wit and charm to it.

Nope. I’m blaming this fully on the fansubbers. See the above screenshot? They can’t just have the dude say “green tea” or something like that in the translation. They have to leave it in as “houjicha” and give us a translation note explaining how this means “roasted green tea.”

It’s fucking stupid. What in the hell is being accomplished by leaving this word untranslated? Is something being gained? Is some cultural quirk that a dirty gaijin¹ like me can’t comprehend lost if “houjicha” is translated into “roasted green tea?” Is the depth of this conversation lost if that translation is made– like some subtle, tonal nuance or some shit? What is this uncultured foreigner missing that the translator felt was so important?

So I quit watching the episode because I was obviously too stupid to comprehend its brilliance.

Fortunately Hunter X Hunter spoke down to those of us who aren’t sophisticated enough to understand the intricacies of roasted green tea.

It’s fairly standard shounen action stuff. Kid goes off on a quest to obtain the arbitrary title that the series has created to denote “protagonist that kicks ass.” Kid meets other dudes on the same quest. Shit gets punched along the way.

What I dug the most about the first episode was the attitudes of the main characters. The main kid, Gon, is exuberant to a fault. His dad ditched him at a young age to go off and become whatever a Hunter is, but Gon finds that kinda awesome. To him, this Hunting shit must be pretty damn awesome if his dad chose to become a deadbeat to take up the lifestyle. It’s a bit delusional, but at the same time it’s far more tolerable than seeing yet another mopey “Father! Why did you do this to me, father!” type.

And the blonde kid seems like your standard “I’m out for revenge type, watch me brood” type, but he had a good line referring to said seething rage. He doesn’t mind that that he’s basically throwing away his life, all he’s worried about is seeing his anger subside over time. He doesn’t want to become one of those types that lets his desire for revenge wane. “Peace was never an option” and all that shit.

So I’m digging Hunter X Hunter. It has just enough stuff added to the formula to make it interesting. Not sure if I’ll end up following the whole thing, but I’m interested enough to keep watching.

Also: Working and Squid Girl? More of the same. Squid Girl’s first episode was a little better than Working’s, but they were both on par with the usual fare seen in their first seasons. Not much else to say there, although I maintain that Working takes place in the same universe as Kill Bill. It’s the only logical explanation.

Very Important Translation Notes

¹ TL Note: “Gaijin” means dirty foreigner not from Japan.