The Best Japanese Dramas of 2020 (part 1)

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Dec 222020

If you’re looking forward to watching a Japanese drama for the last days of the year, you have come to the right place. Here we have compiled a list of the best Japanese dramas of 2020.

Kotaki Kyodai to Shikuhakku

Regarded as quirky benriya drama, Kotaki Kyodai to Shikuhakku is fun to watch at first but finally came out a heartwarming ending. Although this drama didn’t start quite strong, it only shows its brilliance at the middle part but its 2 last episodes is what makes it a masterpiece for many viewers. Once you get to the last part of this series, everything will make sense. Particularly, the last two episodes is surely the last piece of a wonderful heartwarming tale.

This drama stars two middle aged actors, Takito Kenichi and Furutachi Kanji, both are tremendous actors with a solid reputation in Japanese movies and a long list of different type of characters. The key role goes to Kyoko Yoshine, who is an excellent actress. There are moments when she really shines in this series, which makes it the perfect choice to cast her.

Kokoro no Kizu wo Iyasu to Iu Koto

This is a timely and heavily emotional drama with a theme that is particularly relevant right now. It follows An Kazutaka, a second generation Zainichi Korean, and due to that, he attempted to find his own identity during his youth as well as find his position in this world. However, he found that place by helping other people when he became a psychiatrist.

Kokoro no Kizu wo Iyasu to Iu Koto will teach you about mental care and the reason why it is important. It shows how to treat people with mental illness. It contradicts what other popular Japanese dramas that treated this issue with forceful means. You can’t fix mental illness by shouting that you can’t fix mental illness at all!

The best Japanese dramas to enjoy while practicing social distancing (part 2)

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Sep 262020

4. Todome No Kiss (Kiss That Kills)

Airing in 2018, Todome No Kiss (Kiss That Kills)quickly gained wide fame. It tells the story of Dojima Otaro, who is nothing but cocky and only strives for power and money. Suddenly one day, a mysterious lady with a pale face and red lips kisses him. Otaro dies but quickly regains consciousness the next moment but with a big difference: he wakes up seven days in the past.

5. 3 Nen A Gumi: Ima Kara Mina-san Wa, Hitojichi Desu (or Mr. Hiiragi’s Homeroom)

If you are finding something a little suspense mixed with mystery, 3 Nen A Gumi: Ima Kara Mina-san Wa (or Mr. Hiiragi’s Homeroom) is the Japanese drama of your choice. The major character, Ibuki Hiiragi, is a teacher to Class three A. While his career started normally two years ago, it was a twist just a few months before graduation day. Hiiragi brings with him all of his students only ten days before graduation and allows none of them to leave or graduate until the truth behind a past student’s suicide is showed out.

6. Good Doctor

The 2018 Japanese drama Good Doctor follows the journey of Minato Shindo, a passionate man with savant syndrome. Due to his older brother’s death when they were young, Minato wants to become a doctor. He has an incredible memory. He can memorize the human organs at the age of seven, which amazes the doctor Akira Shiga. After Minato passes the national exam for medical practitioners, Dr. Shiga recommends him for a position in the pediatric surgery department.

7. 99.9: Criminal Lawyer

Airing in 2016, 99.9: Criminal Lawyer tells the story of Hiroto Miyama, a lawyer who takes on criminal cases. Since the conviction rate for such cases in Japan is 99.9%, Hiroto finds it not easy to make money in his line of work. Teaming up with Atsuhiro Sada, a successful civil lawyer, the duo manages to uncover the truth about the remaining 0.1%.

Three reasons why you should watch J-drama Followers right now

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Apr 282020

Whether you are a fan of Japanese drama or not, you really should check out the J-drama Followers on Netflix.

Set in the glamorous world of Tokyo’s fashion and celebrity, the story of Followers focuses on Limi Nara (by Miki Nakatani), a 38-year-old in-demand fashion photographer, who sees talent in struggling young actor Natsume Hyakuta (by Elaiza Ikeda). The drama is about women in different stages of their lives, goals, and aspirations, along with the realities of fame in the modern world.

Here are three reasons why you should start watching it right now.

Women to the front

The women are the center of this J-drama: our two major protagonists are women at different points in their lives. Followers does really great work in showing the contrasts between someone who has fought her way to the top versus someone starting out in their career. It doesn’t neglect the human side, these women have their own real stories! From fears to concerns of never making it, these women aren’t bystanders in their lives, which makes for excellent viewing.

Sumptuous visuals

Directed by Mika Ninagawa, the aesthetics are as much a character in Followers as the actors themselves. From the set design to the camera angles, every shot seems to be perfectly crafted. You will be drawn into the world of each character, whether it is Rimi’s ostentatious palatial home or the artsy studio space the 20-somethings hang out in. You will want to screenshot for interiors again and again.

Outfit inspo

In terms of inspiration, the costume design is impeccable throughout the drama. The personality and social status of each character are reflected perfectly in their clothing. Rimi is all sleek and chic in high-end, tailored fits, while Natsume wears impossibly edgy combinations working to showcase her rebellious spirit. It showcases the diverse fashion that Tokyo is so well-known for, as well as gives you plenty of ideas for how to mix and match items to create unique looks.