Lost Jellies

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Jan 012011

I think it’s safe to assume that we’ll see another season of Kuragehime a year or so down the line. With the way the series ended, with loose ends and shit, the only way we won’t see a second season is if it was a big bomb or something. I don’t really keep up with ratings and shit, so I’ll just assume that we’ll be seeing more crossdressing, jellyfish, and corrupt politicians soon enough.

But let’s make another assumption. What if we don’t get another season? What if this is how everything ends? Is that really a bad thing?

Depends on how you look at it.

Yeah. Nothing gets resolved. We got a brief scare with the construction dudes putting up walls around the apartment complex, making it seem like the joint was gonna get torn down with the all of the gals’ shit still in it, but it was a goof up on their end. We also hear from the owner that she’s decided not to sell the joint because whatever it is that she’s obsessing over is gonna be in Japan, so she’s down with keeping the apartment for the time being. We also see Tsukimi go all Project Runway on us, creating jellyfish dresses and winning a competition that’ll likely lead into some more “hipster versus geek” clashing.

But yeah, that shit ain’t the shit most peeps care about, is it? What y’all care about is the relationships. Does Tsukimi hook up with crossdress boy? Is she able to fend off Inari and win over Shuu? Who fucks who? That’s what we expect in a finale, and we don’t get any of that. Shuu runs away with his politician relative on a coveniently-scheduled trip to avoid bad press. Inari stalks him. While all that’s going down, Tsukimi and Kuranosuke’s friendship doesn’t really go anywhere despite their working together. We get jack shit as far as romantic resolution goes.

The way I see it, do we need this resolution? I know we want that resolution, since it gives that feeling of closure that’s pretty damn satisfying, but is that satisfaction really necessary for us to enjoy the storyline?

I think a lot of people are enjoying Kuragehime because it depicts relatively realistic relationships between peeps that they can relate with. A lot of people see themselves in Tsukimi or Shuu or whatever, so they’re pretty well invested in their relationships. So let’s run with that angle. One of Kuragehime’s selling points is this sense of realism. So wouldn’t this ending be fairly realistic?

In our lives, do we get the sort of neat and tidy endings that we expect out of anime series? When we have the hots for some person that we meet, do we always get some sort of resolution of those feelings? Let’s say you meet some guy/gal/inanimate object in one of your college classes or whatever. Y’all make small talk, get along, and all that for a few days. You dig this sentient being, and you wanna see if there’s more to this instance of human interaction, only to find out that they have to drop the class after a few days. You don’t have their number, don’t know what classes they’re in, aren’t friended with them on Facebook, and basically have no way of knowing how to find them. You were sure there was a chance of something coming out of this situation, but you’ll never know because there’s no way in hell of you finding this peep again.

That’s just an example of the sort of situation many of us deal with in our lives. We come across people in our lives that have all the potential in the world to develop into someone special, but we never get that chance. There’s no chance to pop the question– no tidy resolution– not even a rejection. The shit simply doesn’t go down and there’s nothing you can do about it.

If Kuragehime ends right here, that’s what’ll happen to Tsukimi and Shuu. They clearly dig each other, but they clearly need some third-party to push them in that direction. They didn’t get said third-party intervention before they were parted ways due to circumstances beyond their control. As far as we know, they’ll never meet again. If we really desire realism in our entertainment, especially when it comes to these romantic comedy movies/series/whatever, should we always expect a satisfying resolution?

It isn’t that I think every series should end in some bittersweet, “what could have been” manner, but does every romance have to end with everyone hooking up or being rejected in some dramatic, emotionally cathartic climax? Do all of the characters that we relate with have to get that sort of resolution? Can’t they deal with the same sort of “if only” memories as the rest of us?

Just something to think about, since while I wanted to get some sort of resolution out of Kuragehime, the more I think about it the more I find that I don’t really mind if this is how it all ends.

Anyway, my vote for the second season is for Inari, the family’s driver, and his short detective buddy to team up and form a ghostbusting organization. MAKE THIS SERIES NOW, NOITAMINA.